About Barb Ashcroft

Health, Entrepreneurship and A Whole Lot More!


Barb Ashcroft had her own reasons to find wellness, after a myriad of surgeries and serious health issues she was worried she wouldn’t be able to raise her small children.  Fortunately she loved to learn and as you’ve often heard, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Barb’s desire attracted leading nutritionists, wellness pioneers and exemplary innovators to her and she learned from the best.  Partnered with natural health training, Barb also learned from some of the world’s top ‘Thought Leaders’ and has invested in decades of training regarding Personal Growth.  With even MORE advances in cutting edge modalities emerging Barb has come out of retirement to help dispel the confusion and help others.

In a nutshell, Barb brings extensive experience in the field to clear through the clutter by presenting practical and take-home solutions.  Think of her as a ‘guide’, helping with simple steps to follow.  Her monthly newsletter, “Changing Lives” will help bring those nuggets right into your email inbox. Barb will guide your journey to optimal health and wellness (physical, mental, spiritual and even financial) through topics most relevant to you—be it energy, stress, sleep, memory, pain-free mobility and rejuvenation, or having a joyful, productive life.  Be confident in your overall wellness choices.

We desire to be energetic with great mobility, not losing limbs or feelings to stroke and diabetes and we certainly want to continue to FIRE ON ALL CYLINDERS with wide AWAKE BRAIN CELLS.  Do you inwardly WORRY when you forget where you put the keys, thinking OMG is this a hint of Dementia or Alzheimer’s?

So what’s stopping us? OVERWELMNESS for one.  Google Wellness = 282,000,000 results.

Where do you start?  What’s valid and what’s bunk?  Who’s reputable to get REAL WELLNESS help from?

How do I make sense of what’s out there?

Are  you ready to get off the merry-go-round?

Tune into Changing Lives with Hope, Health and Humour to get full coverage for your Wellness Plan today!

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