It’s nothing new………..we’ve heard it before……….we’ve seen it in the news…..and heard from our friends who have toured there.

The Air Quality is just plain bad……Particulate Matter is high… China.  We ourselves have had contacts that moved there and had to return because of the hazard for their own health.  So all that to say………….people need help!


So if was very interesting for me when I saw that a leading nutrition company…..saw a need and is filling that need.

Take your average mediocre North American allergy and then magnify it……..and I think you’ll get the picture.

Here’s the STORY of what it means and also what the amazing Core 4 products are doing to help that.

So if they’re working on allergies that are this aggravated, there’s a good chance these same nutrients could be your “GOTO” here too.

We have recently expanded into China and November 19th our brand new office opens with a special meeting and training in the Philippines. If you know of Filipinos that would like to attend and find out FIRST HAND what the opportunity is for health and prosperity please let us know so we can forward the info to you. (already in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) and this is our Information Website for the Philippines.

If you have family or friends in these particular countries, please contact me for details on what your steps would be to help them.

Til then,

Barb Ashcroft

Changing Normals since 1981

ph 1-250-752-5499  or Email

Skype: Barb.Ashcroft


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