How the cells SPEAK – Cellular communication aided by Aloe Vera

We’ve shared in the past how concentrated Aloe Vera helps with cell communication and without good communication how would anything get done.  Our immunity is especially dependent on good communication within the cells. Here’s a great video to explain how. It’s why VitAloe (concentrated Aloe blend) and Mr. Clinton Howard’s (termed Dr. Aloe) 23 Million $ [read more…]

YIKES! Antibiotic Resistant in 12 days

Watch these bacteria grow!   Resistant in 12 days. For the entire article Click here This is another reason WHY we need to apply the “Covering all the GAPPS” philosophy. When all these aspects of Self Care are in place……..the body has the ability to fight and defend itself. Contact me at for a [read more…]

Dr. Shapiro speaks out

If you need to hear an informed pro-active MD specialist share on Stem Cell Advancement and Turnarounds this could be the one. This is a 2014 current lecture and provides windows of insight into a big inflammatory connection. Dr. Riordan, who she references as the next speaker, is the formulator of the Stem-Cell help that [read more…]

WINTERIZE YOURSELF – What’s my Best Protection?

We hear of new challenges coming our way, take your pick.  One of the latest is a respiratory one that’s extremely hard on children.  There’s also the flu bugs, plus all the scare about Ebola.  It’s almost if Ebola won’t get you, the worrying about it will. So first off, let’s be proactive about what [read more…]

Gut Issues?

When I was a kid it was a ‘frosty Friday’ if you ever heard someone had an Allergy. Now we have allergies and gut issues with one third of the people we associate with. WHY? I wonder if this new study relating to microbial development in the intestines of infants plays into this. If you [read more…]

Radioactive Pollution is Coming Your Way

Turn on your TV, open your email or look at facebook and it’s right in front of you.  Radioactive pollution coming your way. Fukushima spewing into the sea that happens to have a current flowing right to you……New revelations of contaminated water leaking from storage tanks at the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant have [read more…]

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