Maybe it’s NOT Dementia? Hope for Memory Loss, Mobility and Lack of Bladder Control

There is an little known disorder that just needs awareness. Thanks to a previous Lieutenant Governor from Alberta coming forward, there is new hope. This article and news report is worth watching and reading. Early detection is necessary so be informed, as this condition is treatable. Here is the article  Be sure to watch the video [read more…]

3 Things to make your Summer more Memorable

Turn the lazy hazy days of summer into something memorable.  Here’s 3 great ways: Grab a buddy (for encouragement and accountability) and use the fresh veggies and outdoor environment to work/play/cleanse together. Easy Peasy protocol that will make you FEEL better.  Special discounted pricing, support and PERKS for Buddies who do this together.   July [read more…]

Hope for Alzheimers

This is a great invention by a 15 year old, whose love for his Grandpa prevailed. Necessity, the mother of invention. Click here for the article   Cheers, Barb Share this…

Alzheimer Breakthroughs in Mice

New studies out of Australia.  Click here for the whole story. This comes from the aspect of plaque.  There is another theory that inflammation is the biggest culprit. For further insights and readings, go to back issues of our blog and also archived newsletters at Anything noninvasive is a step in the right direction. [read more…]

Jann Arden on Alzheimers

Here are some ‘Insights” or “Breakthroughs” that Jann Arden, Canadian Pop Singer Phenom has written about as her parents both move forward on the ‘memory loss’ journey.  These were posted on her Official Facebook page.  I share her inspiration and insights.  I hope it blesses and encourages you as it really touched me. Every time [read more…]

Nutrients for Brain and Memory

New findings on Gingko Biloba and other Brain Booster Nutrients backs up the formulation of NeuroBright (patented memory complex) • Ginkgo Biloba – A popular plant known as the memory tree. Studies show that Ginkgo supports mental clarity and normal memory function. It provides antioxidant protection and supports healthy circulation.* NEW FINDINGS: Ginkgo biloba, has [read more…]

Omega 3 to reverse Alzheimer’s

For validity I’m using an outside source who speaks on Omega 3 – DHA and why it is helping reverse Alzheimer’s. Although I agree with the science of how DHA works, I do not endorse getting all your DHA from fish or fish sources. There is simply too much risk to toxicity. I prefer a [read more…]

ASL for ALZ for better communication

I was reading a very interesting article this morning and it is all about communication, with a twist. Could the potential of incorporating ASL, American Sign Language, help to lessen the frustration of communication in Dementia and Alzheimer patients? This intrigued me because I Sign………..not sing, but S.I.G.N. I learned to sign some years ago, [read more…]

Smarten Up

No I really mean it, in a nice way, Smarten Up!  Cause you can. Click on the photo if it’s too small to read easily. I’m going to post something new here.  Let’s see if it works. Three Great Venues to share this ‘Changing the Way you Think’ informative theme in June. I have a [read more…]

To do well, you have to be well

You’ve seen them.  They’re the folks you see who are on their game. They’re SHARP! They remember your name, they’re bright, alert and you think, “Wow, how do they do it? I’d like to be more like that.” It’s no accident.  They follow the premise, “To do well, you have to be well, especially in [read more…]

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