Have you got your SMILE on?

Is this YOU when the kids are Back in School and Summer Holidays are over? Friends Jen and Joe having a ‘thumbs up’ moment. I know it’s a giggle…….and probably a relief from the “Mom, I have nothing to do” summer doldrums. But for many it’s one in a Million. WHY?  Because it means the hassle [read more…]

Quick Fix for Emergency Preparedness

Timely, pertinent sharing as many of us have Emergency Preparedness Events this week. How many of us are still slowly putting together our kits or would still like to learn some quick, easy add-ons? What I’m sharing is not NEW, but it’s totally relevant for today’s challenges. We were green before GREEN was in. But [read more…]

11 of the Best Things to EAT Before a Workout

Wow this is a great article, because there’s so many opinions on Do You – Don’t You, etc. So here’s an article that spells out the WHAT you should EAT before a workout and WHY! Click here for the article. Notice there’s a Smoothie and Bananas in that list. As always contact me for some [read more…]

Drink to your Health

We are on a mission to try out and share a whole bunch of healthy recipes. Here’s why………..we’ve been sharing nutrition, delivered as  Smoothies that contain loads of nutrients. That’s a lot more appealing than swallowing a whole pile of capsules and tablets. New research shows (nothing new to you I’m sure) that breakfast is the most [read more…]

Amazing Benefits of Spirulina

Here is an overview newsletter. Once you read it, you’ll see why Green Smoothies are in demand.   Cheers, Barb Ashcroft http://ashcroft.rbclife.com/overview A new website to share some tips on Changing Your Normal ps:  If you’re not into GREEN, there’s some wonderful other protein sources email us for more info Share this…

News on Organic

Last month we had a captivated crowd with us watching “Food Matters”. It is a fast paced, hard hitting documentary on “We are what we eat”. Rodale Press has recently released stats that show ORGANIC is better for us. Here is the Newest Release. Here is my ‘go to’ for a quick organic afternoon pick me [read more…]

Algae growing Nuns help war struck Africa

It’s not a story of ‘old’.  It’s a new story and a new illustration of how powerful Spirulina is.  In an area of the world which is war torn, it’s amazing to hear a Nun state: “More people are dying from malnutrition than from bullets”.  Click here for the rest of the story. This is [read more…]

8 Simple Ways to Be Healthier

Post by BuzzFeed Blue.   Share this…

Extra Extra Natural Medicine Chest Supplies

I am loving this new IQ product and I’m receiving many great reports already…make sure to read down for the savings. Here’s my facebook post in case you can’t view it (don’t have fb or aren’t on my fb page). Read down to learn about the Extra Special I’m offering, but only for the next [read more…]

What does the UN declare for the best food for the future?

Did you know that the United Nations declared spirulina the best food for the future? No wonder. Spirulina is one of the most potent, most concentrated and most nutrient-rich foods too. And like most superfoods, it’s both a food and a medicine. According to health experts, spirulina has the power to give us maximum nutrition, [read more…]

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