Way Too Much Fun to Retire

Who doesn’t love Art Linkletter and the title of his book? More Women in Their 60s and 70s Are Having ‘Way Too Much Fun’ to Retire  I’ve often joked that my goal is to make the decade of our 60’s the new 30’s. Today I share a post  (click on the purple link) about other [read more…]

Millions working into age 70, 80 and even 90

Here is a blog post that came across my inbox this week. Despite the article being targeted for the USA audience (the suggestions at the bottom don’t correlate for the Canadian market, ie Energy market) it does show some startling trends and some drastic stats.  We are well aware what often starts in the USA [read more…]

Work Re-Imagined

Work Re-Created! Re-Ployment is for you! Kids aren’t the only ones who say “The Darnedest Things”. Maybe Art Linkletter was right? He taught the principle of “Keep Learning and Keep Earning!” Who among us wouldn’t want to have a future of longevity and prosperity? The good news is that seniors today are living longer than [read more…]

ASL for ALZ for better communication

I was reading a very interesting article this morning and it is all about communication, with a twist. Could the potential of incorporating ASL, American Sign Language, help to lessen the frustration of communication in Dementia and Alzheimer patients? This intrigued me because I Sign………..not sing, but S.I.G.N. I learned to sign some years ago, [read more…]

Working in your 60s and 70s is a reality

It’s a newer trend……..one you hoped your “plan” didn’t necessarily include. Remember that plan – get your education – get a good job – work for them for 40 years – get a gold watch and retire “well”. Or this plan – buy your first home (small) – move on up to a bigger home [read more…]

Are you at risk of an Unspooling Mind?

Leading TV newscaster Dawna Friesen shares on 16×9 (Informative News TV Program) tomorrow Saturday April 26th a raw interview related to Dementia and HER FAMILY. Here’s a riveting clip…..by all means watch the 16×9 feature on TV and then join us for a local “Meet Up” where we’ll be discussing ‘breaking developments’ with  maintaining your [read more…]

Retired – Now What?

We’ve been sharing all kinds of tips and success stories from individuals. Here’s your chance to “Come on Down” and meet ‘many of these individuals’ to hear some real live accounts and pick our brains for answers that you are looking for. Invite your friends because we all know someone who deserves some encouragement. We’re [read more…]

Olympians in our own right

Are you being drawn into the vortex of ‘all things Olympic’? I’m a student of personal achievement, personal growth and “Reaching Beyond the Common”.  I have to be honest here, “I love watching Olympians – not necessarily the sports themselves, but the entire process of people pushing themselves to do their best”. Have you noticed [read more…]

Do stem cells help stroke patients?

Even though I had never had the ‘risk’ of stroke as my mother did (her 60 year history of smoking) I still wanted to avoid that event. My mom did have a stroke and the next seven years before she passed were seeing her wheelchair bound and my dad a caring but exhausted caregiver. So [read more…]

Merry Christmas and Wishes for 2014

A Healthy, Happy Year can be around the corner! Stay plugged in for updates, news and special features. January 1,  2014 our next newsletter (sent separately from this blog) will give you all kinds of tips for Sunseekers, all those Snowbirds planning to get away to some warm places. Tips on what to take to [read more…]

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