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You can’t Do Well – if you are Not Well?

  • Whether it’s wellness or personal growth – where do you go?

Where do you find valid, credible health information that can help you avoid those situations?

Eliminate your anxieties and get trusted advice and guidance from Barb Ashcroft.

With over 30 years of wellness and personal growth leadership, Barb breaks through the overwhelming clutter of alternative health resources.

If you have tried to work on your health and wellness goals, but can’t seem to get anywhere, then you need to hear from Barb.

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What someone said about Barb:

The first time I met Barb Ashcroft was to discuss a body cleanse product she was endorsing. I had put off talking to her, since I felt that she would be one of those product pushers that knew nothing about health, or the body. What I found was, Barb not only had the training, she had the experience. She answered every question I had and I admired her knowledge and her desire to help others. Now, while I am taking a Naturopathic Doctor degree with a PhD, I am able to use what Barb has taught me over the years. She has no idea what a step up she has given me in my endeavor towards my doctorate.

~Wendy Olson (update Dr. Wendy Olson)

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Another Reason to Follow Barb:

My health situation was serious when I met with Barb Ashcroft. Her knowledge of the alternative health field was evident immediately, so she gained my trust and confidence that what she had to offer would definitely put me on the right track. I was dealing with very serious immune challenges in my lymph system and I was not considering the options that were presented to me by the normal medical field. I can truly say that Barb was instrumental to my now excellent health. I would without a doubt refer anyone in need of counsel regarding their health, or business for that matter, to Barb. I truly feel that meeting Barb was one of the best things that has happened in my life. Corinne Roby

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Barb Ashcroft – Changing Lives with Hope, Health and Humour

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