Group Book Studies

There is nothing like learning from a host and fellow attendees when it comes to discerning tips, hacks and take aways when you read a book together.

Previous book studies include Think and Grow Rich, The Law of Attraction how-to book, and Success Study Series by Brian Tracey. The picture featured is where we began our very first book study.  It began with a group meeting in Hawaii.

Sharon gets to travel to exotic places with her sister Sandy who got her started. Photo op with Kathy Howard at the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki


Let us know if you'd like to join us!

Book Study with me, the author of When Your Bucket List Springs a Leak. This is a 6-week meet-up to go through the 12 Life Hacks of what to do when Life, Business, Travel and Relationships don’t go as planned or expected.

  • Gain perspective and have a chance to personalize how you can make it past the challenges that affect you
  • Join others who have plugged into and benefited from Barb’s mentorship.
  • Fee of $49.00 includes a personally signed copy of the book (retails for $20-22 Cdn plus shipping on and personal instruction throughout the 6 weeks.

Zoom online platform is our online choice.

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