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Are you FRUSTRATED that what you desire is TAKING SO DARN LONG?   Maybe you're now 'stuck in doubt' - will it ever happen?

Now is the BEST TIME to get a Mind Set Reset.  Join us as we set a different INTENTION!

The purpose of this MASTERMIND Mentoring Group is to motivate/lead/nudge you to put plans into actions, to be accountable for doing so, and get results.   And you desire SUCCESS, right?

This isn't just another course, seminar or workshop that you paid to attend,  resulting in one more binder on your bookshelf that collects dust.

This is a smaller intimate commitment group that will meet for six weeks to ‘Work toward a common goal’. This particular goal is to Intentionally Create Success to achieve and attract our Ideal ____________.  Fill in the personal blank (business, customer, relationship, home, weight, health).  We all use the same steps but we all have individual priorities as to what those Ideal Goals are.

This is a commitment group, so attendance, contribution, and assignments are a key part of this process.

So let me ask you,  "Are you in?"


Fall Winter 2018 for 6 weeks -

Great News! We're now perfecting an online version so we can see you face to face on Zoom, no matter how far away you live from us.

Contact us NOW for all the details!

Completed Series:

Spring 2017 Series- completed  

October/November sessions 2017  - completed 

January/February 2018 Series - completed

May/June 2018 Series - completed

Brand New 2018 Content:

  • 2018 Mastermind registration fee will refer to these 3 books: Michael J Losier's Law of Attraction; Dana Smither's LOA Gratitude Journal and Michael J Losier's Finding Your Purpose
  • A discovery session for 'Finding Your Purpose and Your Joy' will be included (Value $95.00 - instrumental step that attendees rave about - see report below)
  • An Emotion Code session will be included (Value of $75)
  • Limiting Belief sessions will be available
  • Very Limited Seating for this Elite Mastermind Series offered at $295.00 - taking and reviewing applications now
  • Check out the revolving testimonies from previous attendees (bottom right corner of this page).

Here is a follow up report from one of the "Finding Your Purpose and Your Top 4 Fulfillment Needs" discovery sessions:

"Barb, I wanted to let you know that I have been observing myself since the workshop you did with us.

I am finding it interesting to notice where and when my fulfillment needs are being met. I am pretty clear now what they are.

It is fascinating to notice how when they are met I feel so “fulfilled!” Lol! I guess that is why they are called fulfillment needs!

Anyway, I want to say thank you again for walking us through the process. It has given me greater insight into the under-the-surface reasons I feel content or not when involved in something. Now I can be more pro-active in choosing activities and involvement in things that are aligned with my fulfillment needs and delegate or decline the ones that are not or find a way to reframe things I must do in a way that I can highlight to myself some of those needs being met."  LZ

Location: ONLINE or Pioneer Wellness Centre in Parksville.

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We will be studying the book The Law of Attraction by Michael J Losier (shown with link below).  

An additional fun tool is Dana Smither's workbook, The Law of Attraction Gratitude Journal (see link below).

Best plan of action is to phone/text either myself 250-951-2554 or Permelia Parham 250-240-2656 to get further details.

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