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Every Friday join me LIVE on FaceBook  https://www.facebook.com/wechangelives   page for new tips and tools

Sept 22nd 10-5 at the Wellness News - Wellness Expo Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo

Speaking and Hosting a booth as Changing Lives with Hope Health and Humour

"Stop the Frustration - Shortcut to Finding What Fulfills You"

Are you performing in life at your peak level?  What’s holding you back?

Would you like a measuring stick to assess if future endeavors or opportunities are a fit for you (in advance of course)?

Would you like to understand and embrace the feelings at play in your relationships?

This session is perfect for those at a key junction in their life as well as younger people starting out.

Based on Michael Losier’s best seller, Your Life’s Purpose, and using Michael’s genius of simple methodical steps to put you on the Path toward JOY.

Barb Ashcroft is a Speaker, Author, Mentor and Encourager. She’s been a Student of Michael Losier’s since 2003 and Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown before that.  Barb has been facilitating workshops, and Mastermind Mentoring Series and Retreats for many years.

Her 3 decades as a Natural Health Practitioner and Team Leader sparked in her, an insatiable thirst for Personal Development.

She invites you to “Come and get filled up!”   “Aha’s” are free, and they can be liberating as well

September 26th Law of Attraction Elite 6 week Mastermind Mentoring (go to Mastermind for all the details).

In Process or Just completed:

May 15th - Leading a "Your Life's Purpose" to a church leadership team

May 16th - Facilitating a 6 week Mastermind Mentoring Discovery Course with Permelia Parham 7-8:30 on Wednesdays for 6 weeks (use drop down menu for Masterminds to read all the details and get your application in.

Check out what has happened already this year.

Feb 23rd - Leading Professional Development Workshop for Teachers

Feb 26th  -  1 pm pacific time - Guest on the podcast The Gift of Choice 

March 2nd - 9 am Panel Member on Michael J Losier's 'Your Life's Purpose" Show 

Learn how others have used Michael's book "Your Life's Purpose" to uncover their fulfillment needs and excel in life!

'Uncover What Fulfills You' - Group Session done via Zoom Long Distance to a group interested in Personal Development

NETWORKING dates:  Let's Connect!

3rd Tuesday of each month  with Oceanside Women in Business Dinner Meeting  http://www.owbn.ca  

July 17th  OWBN is open to all ladies and is a potluck - contact for details

July 10th 5:30 pm Nanaimo Women's Business Network, BBQ Summer Meeting

September 22nd: 2018 Health Expo Vancouver Island Conference Centre, Nanaimo, BC all day event

Barb is available for speaking engagements either in person or via podcast. Her Media Kit is presently being updated. You can request a draft or check back as we will be uploading it to both this page and as a drop down on the About Barb tab.


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