How the cells SPEAK – Cellular communication aided by Aloe Vera

We’ve shared in the past how concentrated Aloe Vera helps with cell communication. Here’s a great video to explain how. It’s why VitAloe and Mr. Clinton Howard’s 23 Million $ in research is so important for us today. VitAloe, Aloemannan, TruAloe containing Acemannan are key in my Self Care protocol. More info is available.  Contact [read more…]

Drink to your Health

We are on a mission to try out and share a whole bunch of healthy recipes. Here’s why………..we’ve been sharing nutrition, delivered as  Smoothies that contain loads of nutrients. That’s a lot more appealing than swallowing a whole pile of capsules and tablets. New research shows (nothing new to you I’m sure) that breakfast is the most [read more…]

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