When Your Bucket List Springs A Leak

When Your Bucket List Springs a Leak

I've had the MOST interesting adventure...and it's produced a creation, my very first book:

When Your Bucket List Springs a Leak - COMING SPRING 2017

Whether it's the Bucket List trip of a life time that was fraught with glitches; a business that slid into a sink hole; a relationship that turned sucky rather than smoochie; or life's experiences hitting you like a tsunami, there is hope. There is a do-over, a mulligan, an undo, that can help you get to the other side. Let me throw you a Life Preserver. Sit back and enjoy this story of how my Bucket List Trip sprung a leak and how it led to a journey of self-discovery and key life lessons.


For me, it turned out to be my perfect  storm. Little did I know that my years of mentoring, many times eye to eye, under thought leaders Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Tom (Big Al) Schreiter, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Happiness Expert Shawn Achor would be put to the test.


If you're still treading water, this book may help you get to the other side.



Who would want to read such a book?

  • Someone who has encountered some 'speed bumps' on this road called LIFE
  • Someone who is looking for some encouragement
  • Someone who is ready for a 'smile' or even a 'giggle'
  • Someone who is looking for some strategies to use when the next 'speed bump' happens

What others are saying!

We all have dreams and have made out our lists. BUT real life happens and you carry on regardless, trying to make the best of what you have. AND the dreams are still there but you haven't found a way to fulfill them.

Because I have lived and worked for so many years, over such wide ranging experiences, the whole concept of the book interested me. I also anticipated there is good humour there which I particularly appreciate!  I was correct.

I am seeing in my experiences that challenges work to strengthen us. They are there for a reason. It is through the rough spots that we come out more polished. I was excited to see your wisdom down for others to grow from.  We've all experienced a similar situation.... interesting to hear how you rose above it and grew from it.


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