June is yet another milestone for me
and if you attend one of my presentations,  I have a 'Milestone Celebration Special' for you.
Click to Save $25 on a 1 On 1 Discovery Session!

Uncover what Fulfills You

This is designed for you if you want to perform in life at your peak level, and also have a measuring stick to assess if future endeavors or opportunities are a fit for you (in advance).  This can create the ultimate goal, which is JOY.  It is perfect for those at a key junction in their life as well as younger people starting out.

The workshop is based on Michael Losier’s book, Your Life’s Purpose. I personally attended Michael’s first workshop even before his book was released. I admire how Michael has always had a gift of how to’s, simple methodical steps for The Law of Attraction, and The Law of Connection.

Even though I felt I knew 100% what my life purpose was prior to the workshop, at the end of just a few hours of his one-on-one teaching, my concept was tossed out the window.  I felt with my new found knowledge I simply HAD TO TEACH THIS.  I am excited to becoming a Certified Facilitator for ‘Your Life’s Purpose’.

  • Group workshops offered in person with a duration of 2.5 hours
  • Workshop Fee is $59 per person (minimum 6) which includes worksheets
  • Personal one on one sessions of 1.5 hours duration have a fee of $95.00
  • Contact me to book a workshop for your team or for one on one individual sessions

1 on 1 Discovery Sessions

These 1 and 1/2 hour sessions are available by request - only $95.00.

Simply purchase a session using the PayPal button below and I'll get in touch to set up a time.

1 on 1 Discovery Sessions

Yes, it’s true, this June I turned the big ‘70’ – yup big Seven Zero.

I’m going to celebrate all summer long, and you can too. 

Instead of the regular $95 +gst investment – for any 1 on 1 Discovery Sessions – the investment will be reduced to  $70 + gst.

I hear such great feedback from those that attend our “Discover What Fulfills You – Your Life’s Purpose” discovery sessions.

Click the button and register before the end of summer, or even after that, if you attend one of my live presentations, the gift is yours too.

Once you do I’ll be in touch and we’ll schedule the best timing for your 90-minute private session.

Check out the testimonials for all those who have left their encouraging feedback.

Group Workshops

New Workshops  2018 - Put your name down for our next group workshop / fundraiser at Arrowsmith Independent School   

Only $59.00 per person with a % of the fees going to Arrowsmith Independent School. 


Special Team Rates

Do You Have a Group/Family or TEAM that is looking for a valuable training session - One that builds up TEAM and helps with co-operation and creating great energy in the workplace?

Contact us so we can share the feedback and the benefits everyone is experiencing.


Your Life's Purpose: Uncover What Really Fulfills You (Paperback)
by Michael J. Losier

Price: CDN$ 20.99
8 used & new available from CDN$ 14.49
5.0 out of 5 stars (3 customer reviews)

Workshop Testimonials

Thank you Barb. Really enjoyed last night. I always appreciate new information and learning. I believe that a work shop like this would assist my staff in broadening themselves as well as contributing to the store dynamics (and sales of course). I am sure we could do something like this at the store one evening. I have 5 staff that I would be particularly interested in coaching. I would like them to come away with a strong sense of client personalities and co-workers strengths/weaknesses…and …
Sandy HerleOwnerClose To You Fashions
Barb Ashcroft is a person who just is. I know of few people who are as hungry both to learn and to implement principles of personal development. She’s an expert, but she’s as genuine and unpretentious as a beginner, still filled with wide-eyed wonder. She’s steeped herself in wisdom, nurtured a keen insight and developed into a leader and mentor that I’m proud to know and work with.
Ron Zehr
Barb Ashcroft is an experienced workshop facilitator. She is professional in her approach as facilitator and speaker.  Barb’s years of knowledge with her businesses contributes to her witty, yet proficient approach when engaging her audiences.
Permelia ParhamPresidentOceanside Women in Business
Barb’s experiences give you insight into the character of the woman she is. She “knows the way, shows the way and goes the way.” That’s what real leaders do. Leadership is born of experience. The good, the bad and the ugly. It is born of heartache and heartbreak. It emerges from the sweat of effort. Effort spent in lifting, pulling, prodding and carrying others when they find they can no longer go on. She is tenacious and the experiences you hold in your hands will show you that and if y…
Kevin YoungMentor's Toolbox
I have been observing myself since the workshop you did with us. I am finding it interesting to notice where and when my fulfillment needs are being met. I am pretty clear now what they are.  It is fascinating to notice how when they are met I feel so “fulfilled!” Lol!  I guess that is why they are called fulfillment needs! I want to say thank you again for walking us through the process. It has given me greater insight into the under-the-surface reasons I feel content or not when involve…
Yesterday Barb took me through an exercise from “Your Life’s Purpose” by Michael Losier that really helped me define what characteristics and attributes are most important to me; the ones that help me to feel accomplished and satisfied. Barb, thank you for being so patient and encouraging. You are a marvelous facilitator! The five traits that rose to the top would not have been my five picks but they really do resonate with me and I look forward to referring to them as I move forward! Over…
Joanne McNeilEducational ConsultantToucan Reading Company
Yesterday I worked with Barb on my Life’s Purpose. What an amazing exercise. Barb worked with me pulling out my likes, dislikes and even some long ago thoughts. This is a process that is so very valuable to defining inner thoughts and directions. I was amazed to actually see myself as I thought of myself in 4 of my top 5 but that 5th one did throw me for a loop…who would have thought! Tremendous afternoon, confirmation and discovering in one setting. I am so grateful and appreciative of Barb’s e…
Sandy HerleOwner OperatorClose To You Fashions
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