5 Factoid Souvenirs from Costa Rica

Costa Rica

5 Things you may NOT know

1 ) Multi-Coloured Eucalyptus Tree

We have eucalyptus trees here on Vancouver Island, but they peel with an orange-rust coloured bark. This gorgeous tree peels in multi-coloured vertical stripes.

Reminds me that a New Year is coming and with that, comes many new colours, flavours and opportunities for us all to experience.

2) Happy Cows

Our tour guide (with a Masters Degree in Costa Rican history) shared they have ‘Happy Cows’. How does that happen?  Well a study they conducted used classical music, which was played to the cows.  Not only did they produce 20% more volume in their milk production – there were less stress hormones in the milk. I wonder if Happy Cows also affects human reactions to dairy, as in allergies.

3) A big crop in CR is the Cassava Plant – but beware of its Cyanide

Tapioca root is the underground portion of the Cassava plant. The tropical bush-like plant has edible palm-like leaves at the end of long reddish colored stems. The plant branches irregularly and can grow to the size of a small tree if allowed. The large tapered Tapioca roots are similar in size and shape to a sweet potato. The tuber has an inedible shiny brown skin with rough patches and faint growth rings ascending down to the tip. The starchy flesh of the Tapioca root is a light white or cream color and has a grainy texture similar to potatoes with a mild, sweet flavor. Tapioca root contains cyanogenic glucosides called saponins, the amount of which varies depending on the variety (“bitter” or “sweet”). Sweet Tapioca contains lower levels of the compound and requires less preparation prior to eating, which is why it is the variety most commonly available as a vegetable. Tapioca root is soaked in water and often repeatedly washed prior to its use to get rid of the saponins.

4) Capuchin Monkeys are Bandits and Robbers

Yes, I’m missing a great little bathing suit cover up, that was once sitting on my hammock. They are entertaining with their two-some stalking (one keeps you busy, the other robs).   The Howler Monkeys sound like Gorillas (so loud) and are very territorial.  If you walk under them, be sure to have a big umbrella as they will VOID all over you, on purpose.

5) Unique building materials

Tin Metal is the building composite of many churches.  After construction, the panels are painted as bricks so it looks like brick wall construction.  You wouldn’t guess that from my photos would you?

Travel is definitely one great way to expand your knowledge.  So many interesting people as well.

I found that my biggest thrill is meeting new interesting people from all over the world.

Travel is one big perk that my H.B.B. has allowed me to have greater access to.

On Facebook, beginning December 30th I’ll begin sharing some strategies.

This group will focus on helping people work towards travel (if that is your desire).

You can check it out and ask to join the Group here.

Happy Trails to you,

Barb Ashcroft

Author, Mentor, Trainer








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