A Mentor – what benefits do you see?

I like this term MENTOR.  I think for me it fits way better than ‘coach’, and better describes how I help people.

My Epiphany:   I’m not travelling across Western Canada, doing IN PERSON one on one health consulting any more.  Communication  methods have changed and I still have my contacts spread all around the globe – So how do I serve my audience now?

Well those of you who have worked with me in the past know how much I LUV LUV  connection and my clients all know how much I love to share what tools, tips and strategies that have been passed my way………..so…………..

Starting next month following my Anniversary Trip I’m going to have OPEN OFFICE HOURS where I will offer one hour of MENTORING.   It will be a time and place to bring your questions and to have connection with me.

Questions about any of these and more (bring your questions and let’s discuss options) :

  • Wellness – Immune Strategies, Memory (I have all the resources from the Brain Health Project I launched), Stem Cell Nutrition for repair, Hormone Help, Detox (how I initially regained my own health) and 38 years of consulting tips I’ve learned


  • Personal Development – Law of Attraction – How to Attract More of What you Want and Less of What you Don’t, Your Life’s Purpose – Uncovering your Top Fulfillment Needs, 4 Personality Colours and how to better communicate plus Leadership Strategies

So how will this work and how much will it cost and who can qualify to take part?

All good questions, scroll to the bottom to see the easy steps. 

In the meantime here is how this epiphany came to be.

During a 3 day respite in a Tofino resort, I experienced an epiphany while meeting a brand new contact.  After winning the a card game she asked me: “What else does Barb do when she’s not winning at cards?” Hmmm nobody had ever phrased it quite that way.

So I replied:  Well I recently published a book, When Your Bucket List Springs a Leak.

So have you always been a writer?

No, actually I’ve had a career of 38 years in natural health and personal development.  After losing my health by 33, some key principles and nutrients helped me regain my health.  Since I love to learn I began receiving training and became certified in Herbology, Iridology, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Applied Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology and Touch for Health.  Then on the Personal Development side I invested in learning about Personality Styles, Motivation, Communication and Team Dynamics so I spent valuable hours flying to places and invested in training from Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Shawn Achor, Michael Losier, Stephen Covey and other leading ‘Thought Leaders’.  I have all these resources but am I utilizing them?

“How to best use these talents”??  Zoom mentoring with Open Office Hours presented itself as one more tool to use.

Here’s the answers to the questions about how, and how much:

  1. I will do this on the Zoom platform which helps me reach from ONE to MANY.  You will receive a LINK by email & then click the link on your PC, tablet or mobile phone to join at the specific time.
  2. Who can qualify?  – All those peeps worldwide who have a Founding Membership with my website www.BarbAshcroft.ca   The fee for that membership is $14.95/year.    Yup under $15.  Founding Members receive the FIRST of any new tools I create or programs I offer. That Membership List gives me a special email list to send out NEWS without inundating all those who aren’t interested.  (Founding Members also gain unlimited access to all the pre-taped Law of Attraction book study sessions we’ve led in the past).

So let’s continue the support – how cool to meet with each and every one of you and help you resolve any issues where you feel stuck.

As my tagline says,  “To Do Well, You Must Be Well”.

Here’s one more way to increase your wellness in Body, Mind or Spirit.

To take advantage of my offer go to this link 

This will give you time to be all signed up, ready to go, and since I’ll be recharged from my trip, so will I.

Make it a GREAT week,


Barb Ashcroft




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