Assist your Essential Oils

Oil and Water don’t mix.  Right?

What if I shared with you HOW they can.  In fact, if I also showed you how to increase hydration of all the liquids you ingest (all nutrients need to be wetted to be absorbed by your body).

All water (liquids) have a Surface Tension, think of it as a skin. (remember how you can place drops of water onto a paper bag and it shows up as little bubbles on the paper – that’s the skin, the surface tension which is measured in dynes). Now if you broke down that skin, by reducing the surface tension, the water would then absorb into the paper.

So let me share how a natural mineral product can be used to increase hydration and reduce the surface tension.

This is a visual example of how HydraCel can help, in this case the mixing of therapeutic grade Essential Oils with water to make an uplifting spritzer.

Here’s a product tip:

If you like to make your own personal care products with theraputic grade essential oils this is for you. We all know oil and water don’t mix so HydraCel comes in really handy for these projects! This is a personal perfume spritzer that I fill with water and my favorite uplifting oil. Here it is before adding HydraCel and then with 10 drops of HydraCel and a gentle shake. Now each spray will have the essential oil because it’s distributed throughout the bottle. Love it!!

Here’s the science behind it.  How and Why!  Especially why you’d want to have HydraCel drops added to your water bottle.

So don’t stop with just your essential oils.  If you get bloated or uncomfortable drinking water, your body is not even digesting the water.  Not good!  Make sure to add HydraCel to all your water and liquids for better absorption.  For restaurant meals it is great because it also neutralizes the chlorine.  Creating this more efficient highway of nutrients into your cells also has a BONUS – it allows more toxins OUT, by providing an exit route too.

If you’d like to try some contact us (if you don’t presently have an RBC Life account).   Please share this post as well.  We know HydraCel does an amazing job and would love more people to know about this key area of wellness, which is often overlooked.

To Your Health,


Barb Ashcroft, C.H., C.I., L.B.A., A. Kines, Ed Kines, T for H

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