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Are you ready to invest in yourself? To dig deeper?

Join my community as a one-on-one participant or in a group setting, live or online. You will find like-minded people who want to share ideas, experiences, and goals. These are people like you who want to discover their life’s purpose, or grow in mind, body, and spirit to have a more fulfilling life.

Come and be inspired, and to inspire others.

Speaking Engagements

I often give talks in the Oceanside Area and across Vancouver Island. Click here to see my latest schedule or if your group would like to have me come and chat sometime, just get in touch.

Group Book Studies

There is nothing like learning from a host and fellow attendees when it comes to discerning tips, hacks and take aways when you read a book together. Previous book studies include Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Attraction how-to book. Click here to find out when the next book study takes place.


I can work with you one-on-one or in small groups online, covering a variety of topics from personal development to health and nutrition. Click here for a list of my latest workshops.

Mastermind Groups

How many courses, seminars and workshops have you paid to attend, and the result is one more binder on your bookshelf that collects dust? In my MASTERMIND Groups the goal is to motivate you to put plans into actions, to be accountable for doing so, and to get results. Click here to see what mastermind group is currently available.

Lunch ‘n’ Learn

Join me for a Lunch ‘n’ Learn session where I share knowledge from my 30+ years in Natural Health and how my training and experience can support you and your wellness goals.

Lunch and Beverage is ordered and paid by you.  All new guests and people who bring a guest will have their names in a draw for some wonderful RBC Life wellness products.  Lunch is normally 1 hour with mingling available for another ½ hour to give folks a chance to get questions answered. 

Watch here for news of upcoming lunches or signup for my mailing list over in the sidebar.

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