Do you have a ‘what if this afternoon’ mentality🆘

Another “Celebration of Life” this past Wednesday – so this is a timely reminder. I am not sure you’re a natural procrastinator like me, but losing someone always prompts me into action. Yes Barb, “Get your STUFF in order”.   Thankfully through Compassion In Action I’ve met with and interviewed so many talented folks who have [read more…]

The Healing Power of Compassion

Compassion doesn’t just make us feel good but it can have powerful effects on our health and longevity. Dr. Julian Abel who worked at a palliative care (end of life) facility shares what they learned.  Listen in as he shares what has improved health more than stopping smoking or drinking, diet and exercise COMBINED. Here’s [read more…]

Being Interviewed for ‘Healing through the Holidays’

Yes, the holidays are coming!  Whether we want them or not, or are ready or not, or even dread them. Sharing from my Heart on this one.   Here’s Caro Brookings interviewing me for her ‘Healing through the Holidays’ speaker series. FREE GIFT: If you’re not already receiving my “Compassion in Action” (Wellness Masterclass) Newsletters or [read more…]

Just what does a DOULA do?

Is the term ‘Doula’ new to you.  It was for me. Let’s find out more today!  Here’s part ONE of the blog post today. This video is simply a tidbit of what our interview included.  Marcy McDonald shares her knowledge as one of only 40 Internationally accredited End of Life Doulas.  She has the most amazing [read more…]

Being that squirrel and getting everything in order

10 days till our Virtual Binder Workshop (via Zoom) Getting things done is always on our minds.   But this particular aspect we tend to procrastinate or put off.  Peace of mind comes when you get this completed and I’m here to help you attain that.  I’ve spent a year researching with experts and those in-the-know [read more…]

Need hand holding? ✅ I’m here

Extra Value: Listen to a Key Presenter from our ‘Getting your Shenanigans in Order’ seminar. With 39 Years as a Notary Public, Phyllis Simon gives us a prompt to take action – this is a pivotal key task to get done. Join my ‘Action Workshop’ to put this and even MORE into ‘ACTION‘ with my [read more…]

In preparation for World Suicide Prevention Day Segment 1

In this Segment #1 – I interview Caro Brookings, Healing after Suicide Loss Coach is sharing how we can help those remaining after losing someone to suicide. Be sure to sign up for our SPECIAL NEWSLETTER being distributed on September 10th, World Suicide Prevention Day to receive SEGMENT #2 Sign up here: Here is what [read more…]

A Personal Testimony

A personal Story – wearing my natural health hat! Some 20 years ago after trying every natural remedy known to man and then some, I had to resort to having my gall bladder removed. What I did not know was that when the bile from the liver is dispersed (it is still dispersed, it just doesn’t [read more…]

Cheerleaders – We all need them sometimes!

Those PIVOTAL MOMENTS! I think we all have them!  Those moments of ‘What am I doing?  What’s the right direction?  Am I truly on course?” We all need or benefit from those people who speak TRUTH into our lives.  The BIG REALITY Conversation. I am blessed to have had several in my lifetime.  Let me [read more…]

Some platitudes to bench – what NOT to say

Bench those platitudes:  Let’s find a better way! A special interview coming up in our “Compassion In Action” series. Maria Belanic shares: By understanding the flow of grief, others can better understand the turmoil this causes to mothers. Maria shares: • Walking through my own personal journey of heartbreak and devastation when my oldest son [read more…]

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