A Personal Testimony

A personal Story – wearing my natural health hat! Some 20 years ago after trying every natural remedy known to man and then some, I had to resort to having my gall bladder removed. What I did not know was that when the bile from the liver is dispersed (it is still dispersed, it just doesn’t [read more…]

Cheerleaders – We all need them sometimes!

Those PIVOTAL MOMENTS! I think we all have them!  Those moments of ‘What am I doing?  What’s the right direction?  Am I truly on course?” We all need or benefit from those people who speak TRUTH into our lives.  The BIG REALITY Conversation. I am blessed to have had several in my lifetime.  Let me [read more…]

Some platitudes to bench – what NOT to say

Bench those platitudes:  Let’s find a better way! A special interview coming up in our “Compassion In Action” series. Maria Belanic shares: By understanding the flow of grief, others can better understand the turmoil this causes to mothers. Maria shares: • Walking through my own personal journey of heartbreak and devastation when my oldest son [read more…]

Home Equity doesn’t pay for the groceries

Yes, it’s a new version of being ‘House Poor‘. Recently in the last decade our home values have grown substantially and a big amount of our ‘estate’ is tied up in that home.  But as the blog topic shares:   Home Equity does not pay for the groceries, and that is especially true if you are [read more…]

Ever needed ‘Lifting’? It’s the National month of HOPE!

Ski injuries!  Have you had this experience? In my youth I was skiing Mr. Baker in Washington when the tip of my ski went into a hole, stopping my forward motion and my boot release did not cooperate.  So there I was sitting in the snow,  friends came back and placed my skis in that [read more…]

Stress and Disease Dr. Gabor Mate

In this day and age when every screen and monitor screams stress – I’m taking the time right now to re-evaluate my own stress levels and how they are showing up in my health. Here is a video of the famous Dr. Gabor Mate sharing on this.  I’m learning new points as well as some [read more…]

Valentine Perks and a Party

https://heartwise.mykajabi.com/celebrating-love-2022 I’m sharing as one of my friends is presenting at this event.  Check it out on the blue link. I’m curious as I’ve never been to one. Would you like to go to a Valentines’ party to Celebrate Love, be entertained and learn tips for having more loving relationships? You can join the fun online [read more…]

Are you Grief Illiterate?

Are you Grief Illiterate? I was listening to a podcast and this statement stood out, “Our society is Grief Illiterate.  They freeze when confronted with someone who is grieving.  For fear that they’ll do the wrong thing, many do nothing at all.” Then everyone feels badly.  At least that was me. I personally desire a [read more…]

What’s your Word?

It’s a time in the year when many of us choose an “Anchor Word”.   A word that we declare to be an anchor for the year, a reminder, a driver, a motivator to keep true to that purpose we work towards. Today I have three words and I’d love your feedback.  Obviously WORDS are personal, [read more…]

12 Days of Christmas Support for Grieving Friends

12 Days of Christmas Support for Grieving Friends DAY 1 of 12: Maybe you’re like me and are in search of practical ways to support our grieving friends. I sure was and still am. I’ll share 12 tips that you can check out. Day 1: If possible – Hugs all around unless this makes the [read more…]

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