Boost those ‘Good Vibes’


Recently, I had experienced some digestive issues and couldn’t find a solution, so when Barb suggested the 20 Day Cleanse I decided to try it. I’ve never done a cleanse before, so I really had to prepare myself mentally, emotionally and physically to follow the 20 day instructions for success.  I chose to start on a weekend as I didn’t know how my body would respond and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that my digestive system responded well. Over the next 7 days I lost 3 pounds (something I’ve been working toward for a while!), so I am very happy with those results.

I have more energy and physically I feel really good. Feeling healthy increases my vibrational health which in turn allows me to continue on my positive life’s journey.

We have vibrations all around us and they affect everything we do. When we are physically healthy our vibrational frequency is raised which allows us to function at our fullest capacity.

I know I certainly want to live my life to the fullest!

Thank you so very much Barb for suggesting this cleanse.

In love & light, Permelia

Permelia Parham  (


Thanks for sharing Permelia,  I know during the period of my own health ‘lack’ and suffering from autointoxication, I certainly had ‘stinkin’ thinking’….aided by the amount of toxins in my body.

It takes a multi approach to be the best we can be.





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