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It’s Appreciation Week
What are some of the things that you anticipate the most? Family time? Work time? Holiday time?
Well most of you would probably agree that anticipating a much anticipated holiday is right up there.
Well, we truly are blessed because our company knows how important it is to have ‘down time’ and ‘celebration time’ and how better to do that than by incorporating that right into the compensation/reward plan.

So people, as mentors and leaders, can work towards an Annual Leadership Trip – SOMEWHERE fantastic.
This past fall it was a Mediterranean Cruise….and this memory book helps tell the story.
This book was created online because the company even created a ‘share account’ there, so we could use other people’s images too.

I can’t count the number of old movies Ron & I have watched since then, like 3 Coins in a Fountain, etc that show the scenery of Italy, Spain and France.

Never having been to Europe before, the trip sparked a deeper interest in watching every Rick Steeve’s Touring Europe documentary. That way we even get to savor the trip, over and over again.
We’re awaiting the proclamation of who gets to go this year as the 2014 trip will be yet another adventure.
The best part of being a ‘trainer, mentor’ is seeing members of our team being able to qualify for these trips too.
This year we anticipate taking 8, 9 or even 10 people from our own team with us, in appreciation of a job well done.

It’s just another wonderful aspect of ‘finding my dream’ vocation; helping people in so many ways.

How many people get to have not just a job, but a vocation, where you get rewarded with wonderful events?

There’s probably oodles of people, but I’m glad the people we work with are experiencing the highlights!

This book highlights many of the superstars who make the world a better place, by them being in it.






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