Can Sugar produce cancer cells?

Cancer, not a NEW topic. We’re all plugged into the theory that we need to limit our sugar to be as healthy as possible.  Erin Elizabeth writes a very interesting post that includes a TedX talk.   It goes into the way cancer feeds on sugar, and even poses the question as to whether cancer is CREATED by sugar .  Click the ‘interesting post’ link to read in entirety.

As far a making some great headway in the direction of helping with sugar cravings and blood sugar issues, etc we’re getting rave reviews from folks who begin with a 7 Day Reset protocol.  There’s nothing like breaking the cycle, freeing the chains of cravings and changing that sugar laden normal so many people are trapped in.

Since World Diabetes Day is promoted worldwide for awareness I’m including a link to a thorough Newsletter for some worthwhile reading.

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Did you even know there was a Diabetes 3?  No?  then be sure to click on the line above.

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