Countdown to having your CURIOSITY satisfied ✅

This summer is going to SIZZLE in the Okanagan!  Not just with sunshine but with your new en’light’enment. Advance notice to SAVE the dates July 29th and 30th for ‘in person” presentations! Be sure to contact me or Sandy or Dawn to Save Your Seat! Email or text me at 250-951-2554 Click on the image [read more…]

If you could speak to your younger self?

If only I knew THEN what I know NOW – wow, a powerful, often used phrase. But so many don’t comprehend it, at least not until they’re in the thick of it. The one looking in the mirror,  used to be the caregiver, but now she is at the receiving end. And how is that [read more…]

Yee Haa – Urolithin A

I’m always amazed that with the advance of science,  more nutrients are being named, not only named, but researched and found beneficial. I’m presently supplementing with a blend that is helping my body produce more Urolithin A. What’s that?  and WHY? Because I’m older now, my muscle mass is decreasing and I wish to prolong or [read more…]

Osteoporosis… Osteopenia (reversal)

Bone is replaced in 10 year cycles…how is it that a reversal can happen in 9 months? Thank you to Earl Kemper for sharing this great video on your website.   Keep on filling the GAPPS (see the legend below) Dottie was already ingesting nutrients in the Superfoods Pack so she was already covering MANY of the [read more…]

Turning the 70’s into the new 50’s

Annie’s not the only one either. This past weekend I heard stories from MANY folks in their 70’s. They have all pushed back the clock. Marilyn, one 72 year old quoted: “After a few weeks I felt like I woke up in a brand new body.  It was that impacting”. With her vibrant health, she [read more…]

ACTIVE Aging Week – Tips how ACTIVE people do

Folks,  here is a presentation on video, sharing WHAT you can DO – if you want to stay active – or wanna get active – and resolve some pain issues at the same time. Be sure to ask us for the flyers and newsletters we featured in the presentation. Nike has a slogan, “Just Do [read more…]

Repair – part of your insurance plan

You most likely have Insurance right?  Car insurance, Travel Insurance, Dental Insurance, Health Insurance and even Life (death to you) Insurance………right? What about Repair Insurance?   or Nutrition Insurance?  Does that sound odd to you?  Well over 90% of North Americans are deficient in nutrients, so does it make sense that maybe, just maybe, that could [read more…]

Another Amazing Recount

One of the year’s uplifting reports came from a client in Florida.  He was in serious cardiac distress and was told he required open heart surgery. Instead,  he sought out the Stem Cell Institute for Stem Cell therapy. As part of the prep he was to ingest Stem-Kine to help increase his own stem cell [read more…]

Your Body says more than Yum Yum and Poo Poo

Your body is telling you way more than nudging you that it’s time for the next meal or the next potty stop. So how can you tell? Here’s one way………….How to Detect Nutritional Deficiencies is a general list of body indicators. If you’re concerned about Memory here’s one more;  going back to my many days/years [read more…]

You’ve had cataract surgery – now what?

You’re one of a trillion patients that have undergone getting a new lens once having cataracts removed. Now what?  Did you have a go forward plan? Do you know what extra prevention you need to be aware of? One recent article I’ve come across states modern lens replacement surgery increases the risk of macular degeneration [read more…]

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