A Personal Testimony

A personal Story – wearing my natural health hat! Some 20 years ago after trying every natural remedy known to man and then some, I had to resort to having my gall bladder removed. What I did not know was that when the bile from the liver is dispersed (it is still dispersed, it just doesn’t [read more…]

Tools to help with Zoom Exhaustion

So much information coming at you, in so many different ways, by so many new channels.  No wonder you’re feeling exhausted!  When your body is shutting down, it’s pretty hard to allow new stuff in. How to cope and how to make sense of it all? Today I was forwarded an article called, ‘ The [read more…]

#3 plus #4 Finale of Boosting Your Antivirals Education Series

Educational Series #3 and #4 Finale of Boosting Your Antivirals  (Special Invite at the bottom) Back to Basics:  Maybe we should ask: ‘What is a Virus?’ Let’s not assume that everyone knows what it really is. A virus is a small infectious agent that can only replicate inside the living cells of other organisms. Viruses can infect all types of life forms. humans, animals, plants and microorganisms, including bacteria. They’re found [read more…]

Educational Series #2 of 4 Boosting Your Antivirals

  How does your body know how and what to protect you from? We are all familiar with how our bodies respond to threats.  Most times our immune system takes care of what our body is fighting in its normal 3-5-7 days. But HOW? Your immune system should know that there’s a problem. It reads [read more…]

Putting on Your Full Armor Educational Series 1 of 4

Educational Series: Boosting Your Antivirals Session #1 of 4: Is there such thing as an Anti Drink? There are some powerful natural components that work to protect and bolster your body.  Let’s talk about some of them. Over the next 4 segments we wish to educate on one ‘Anti-Drink’: Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory and Antiviral. [read more…]

Education Tips: Spirulina the Multi Purpose SUPERFOOD

Spirulina: Superfood for Survival While you and I are made up of some 63 trillion cells, these organisms (spirulina-algae) have only one.  Yet, they form the main staple in the diet of the largest creatures on earth – the great whales. If algae can fuel great whales, maybe we can benefit too from its rich [read more…]

When Sugars are KEY to WELLNESS

 Doctor shares a key insight into “Communication” within the body. This is one more reason why I recommend VitAloe as a stellar nutritional element to support Wellness. Once you understand how important the Cellular Communication is, you’ll be aware of the value and how this represents a missing piece of the health puzzle. To [read more…]

Don’t Take HEALTH for Granted

One of my health focused friends is doing what we would call ‘Living the Dream’…she’s fulfilled a lifetime goal of living in Bali. This week she sent a post out to her FB page and WOW – what an eye opener. Here are some abbreviated snippets we can learn from. *** What I want you [read more…]

Dr Zehr shares two secrets to a healthy life

Why do 20,000 Colo-Vada orders get shipped to Russia?  Just watch this short video and notice the crowd in this audience. The introduction is in Russian but shortly you’ll hear Dr. Zehr in English, share from his heart. < And now we all have this opportunity. That’s a fantastic offer for Spring Cleansing. Spirulina works [read more…]

Pesticides and Noxious Sprays – The ‘Dirty Dozen’ Remedy

Maybe you’ve already heard about the ‘dirty dozen’….the 12 or so foods that are most prevalent to carry pesticides and be laden with noxious sprays.  We certainly don’t want to be ingesting those pests or pesticides. plus lettuce, potatoes, imported grapes and cherries. So addressing the question: “What do we do then?” Folks have been [read more…]

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