Visually Speaking

As I was starting to do our check in’s with the 1st group of folks who have begun the “Brain Health Project” a few insights are already showing themselves. One of the ladies reported that her glasses aren’t working anymore.  Hmmmm what a wonderful observation! Does it make sense that when we help to improve [read more…]

Surviving Head Injury and Suicide Headaches

To my readers: I am so happy to be able to share this post with you.  It’s a story line we’ve been following for over a year now.  It is a fairly lengthy recount; but WELL WORTH reading every bit of it to get to the amazing ending.  This represents ONE BIG MENTAL Pay Cheque, [read more…]

Pet spurs Natural Health Career

I have a guest blogger for this issue and I know you’re going to love it! Pets – aren’t they amazing.  I know when we travel I have to allow time for my hubby to pet every single dog he comes across. It’s because he misses our Barkley so much whenever we’re away. This is [read more…]

Not a ‘fishy’ story

In November, I shared a report from a gentleman on his Diabetes journey. You can find the story here.  The Diabetic clinic encouraged him to go back to his doctor because of the turnaround. What I didn’t have at the time, was a photo of Barry, and now I have a before and after. Summer [read more…]

Every 20 minutes my skin sheds

Imagine if every 20 minutes the skin on your hands sloughed off, leaving it raw underneath, and PAINFUL! That is Victoria’s story. She shared photos taken in her bathing suit to show the contrast between her regular healthy skin and her arms & hands in particular. That is painful to even look at, let alone [read more…]

Shoulders, Hips and a whole lot more

When I first met the next lady I’m interviewing,  she was brought to me by her sister (not quite hog tied).  Sharon had been admitted to the hospital for one surgery that quickly escalated to three and her sister Sandy felt she was ready to learn about natural health alternatives and drove her to meet [read more…]

Do stem cells help stroke patients?

Even though I had never had the ‘risk’ of stroke as my mother did (her 60 year history of smoking) I still wanted to avoid that event. My mom did have a stroke and the next seven years before she passed were seeing her wheelchair bound and my dad a caring but exhausted caregiver. So [read more…]

Tenacious Tanaiya

My interview with a grateful Grandma. By our standards we would think 3 year old Tanaiya to be way too young to experience such adversity. This little girl was born with no hips.  Her femurs (thigh bones) were on the outside of her iliac crest (pelvic bone saddle). That means she couldn’t and didn’t crawl [read more…]

Another way to look at Diabetes

For many November is the month to focus on Diabetes.  I posted  a recent story on Facebook that I thought bears re-mentioning before this “Diabetes Month” is over. As usual I wish to focus on health turnarounds, not simply talking about the problem. This was sparked from a routine visit to a Diabetic clinic. Barb,I [read more…]

Retirement Revisited

Dear Barb Retirement – that time in life when I would have it all! Golf, bridge, leisure time with friends as well as the occasional travel all on my agenda. Only it didn’t quite work out that way. After moving to Qualicum Beach and renovating my home, I realized that my funds were limited. Also [read more…]

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