Miracle in Thailand?

Were you like me, waiting each morning with anticipation for news of a miracle regarding the 12 trapped soccer boys and their coach? As I laid in bed at 6:30 am and heard the news that ALL the team and coach were safely out of the cave, I gave a HUGE sigh of relief and [read more…]

Joy Barometer – 5 Quick Questions

Have you ever been at a point of ‘discontent’?  Left with a feeling that ‘there must be more’. I’m coming across many people these days who simply are in limbo-land.  What they’ve got is OK, but they are still looking for the joy. So I would really appreciate your help.   I am putting the finishing [read more…]

Peace on Earth

Casting Crowns Perform Beautiful Version Of ‘I Heard The Bells.’ from casting-crowns on GodTube. For your enjoyment! Merry Christmas! Barb and Ron Ashcroft Share this…

One Moment in Time – sound on

Blessings to you all.   We’re enjoying being spoiled rotten in the warmth and sunshine. Enjoy this small respite of time, watching how South Asians were Celebrating with the 2014 opening of our offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. You’ll see a quick view of both the offices and the celebrations. You’ll also see the [read more…]

Get off your “RAS”

Do you know you have a relentless secretary?  Actually she (he) is more or less a bodyguard or a sanity guard at the very least. In your brain stem you have what is called a “Reticular Activating System” which filters everything that is going on around you and ONLY allows in what you have as [read more…]

Self Care

You can’t see the forest for the trees. You defrag your PC, so how about some downtime for your brain. How on earth would you do that?  First off – TAKE TIME and GET AWAY from your normal routine. If you get hijacked with the “PING” ie: email alert …. time to turn off the [read more…]

The Happiness Advantage

This is rated as one of the most watched TED Talks I encourage you to watch it till the end and take the 21 day challenge…. Shawn Achor is a very entertaining lecturer. Are you looking for a group of positive people to be around? One of our most favourite things to do is to [read more…]

An Unexpected Heroine

Here we are on our first trip to Europe, in the busy hub of Paris, witnessing total pandemonium as far as the crazy drivers scooting around our big tour bus. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as we hear gasps from our fellow passengers at the many near misses to pedestrians, scooters and [read more…]

What’s Your Legacy?

We all leave one – a legacy that is – is it a good legacy or so-so? Here’s some food for thought: John Wooden (Success Magazine Sept 2008) wrote: “Mentoring is your true legacy.  It is the greatest inheritance you can give to others. And it should never end. It is why you get up [read more…]

Celebrate the Sprouts

Hmmmm……are we referring to gardening? Actually no – we’re referring to the ‘wins’ in your life. Many of us feel they have to have HUGE WINS to warrant celebrating. If you’re going to stop long enough to smell the roses – all the smaller gains need to be celebrated too. Just like all the little [read more…]

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