Being Interviewed for ‘Healing through the Holidays’

Yes, the holidays are coming!  Whether we want them or not, or are ready or not, or even dread them. Sharing from my Heart on this one.   Here’s Caro Brookings interviewing me for her ‘Healing through the Holidays’ speaker series. FREE GIFT: If you’re not already receiving my “Compassion in Action” (Wellness Masterclass) Newsletters or [read more…]

Just what does a DOULA do?

Is the term ‘Doula’ new to you.  It was for me. Let’s find out more today!  Here’s part ONE of the blog post today. This video is simply a tidbit of what our interview included.  Marcy McDonald shares her knowledge as one of only 40 Internationally accredited End of Life Doulas.  She has the most amazing [read more…]

Ever needed ‘Lifting’? It’s the National month of HOPE!

Ski injuries!  Have you had this experience? In my youth I was skiing Mr. Baker in Washington when the tip of my ski went into a hole, stopping my forward motion and my boot release did not cooperate.  So there I was sitting in the snow,  friends came back and placed my skis in that [read more…]

Ever wonder what your SUPERPOWER is?

Of late, we’ve been hearing people talk of their ‘Super Powers’ even their  ‘Secret Sauce’. It’s always baffled me what mine is. Is that you too? I’m enrolled in a BYOB Bootcamp… that stands for Build Your Own Business (online) and I am absolutely charmed with Steve Dotto and his talent to share knowledge, clarity [read more…]

How I want to AGE

What a beautiful way to look at aging … “I want to age like sea glass. Smoothed by tides, but not broken. I want my hard edges to soften. I want to ride the waves and go with the flow. I want to catch a wave and let it carry me to where I belong. [read more…]

Way Too Much Fun to Retire

Who doesn’t love Art Linkletter and the title of his book? More Women in Their 60s and 70s Are Having ‘Way Too Much Fun’ to Retire  I’ve often joked that my goal is to make the decade of our 60’s the new 30’s. Today I share a post  (click on the purple link) about other [read more…]

Unbroken – hear in his own words

Here I am networking and not being paid for it. Networking is ‘Making an Endorsement’ about something! In this case the ‘something’ I’m endorsing is the movie “UNBROKEN”. WOW……this month we’ve been focusing on Entrepreneurial spirit. The spirit of this movie is: “If you can take it, you can make it!” The human spirit is [read more…]

Year End Thanksgiving

There’s nothing as powerful as “Lifting” others up by “Giving Appreciation”. This is how our wonderful mentor Ron Zehr compiled our “Blessings Night” to share with a special couple who have contributed to our “Wellness” in boundless ways. Enjoy and may your 2015 be a year of countless days filled with Good Health, Boundless Energy, [read more…]

4 Minute Respite

Ever wish for a PAUSE button? Where here’s a 4 minute one…………enjoy! Morning Prayer I Will Surrender from Global Spirit Films on Vimeo. Share this…

Affirmations for Thanksgiving

photo from Dreamstime Free Stock Photos: Fall Cornucopia Have you ever come across an old journal or writings that you’ve done, and something you read literally smacks you in the face? This week I had one of those moments.  I participate in a weekly “Mind Set Boot Camp”  – you know where you can get [read more…]

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