5 Factoid Souvenirs from Costa Rica

Costa Rica 5 Things you may NOT know 1 ) Multi-Coloured Eucalyptus Tree We have eucalyptus trees here on Vancouver Island, but they peel with an orange-rust coloured bark. This gorgeous tree peels in multi-coloured vertical stripes. Reminds me that a New Year is coming and with that, comes many new colours, flavours and opportunities [read more…]

My 5 BEST Travel Helpers

We had just returned from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica and it occurred to me that there are “VIP” items to have when you travel, that you may not know about. So let’s highlight those for you here.  ***There’s a special BONUS one at the end*** This is a new addition to my travel [read more…]

Merry Christmas and Wishes for 2014

A Healthy, Happy Year can be around the corner! Stay plugged in for updates, news and special features. January 1,  2014 our next newsletter (sent separately from this blog) will give you all kinds of tips for Sunseekers, all those Snowbirds planning to get away to some warm places. Tips on what to take to [read more…]

Self Care

You can’t see the forest for the trees. You defrag your PC, so how about some downtime for your brain. How on earth would you do that?  First off – TAKE TIME and GET AWAY from your normal routine. If you get hijacked with the “PING” ie: email alert …. time to turn off the [read more…]

An Unexpected Heroine

Here we are on our first trip to Europe, in the busy hub of Paris, witnessing total pandemonium as far as the crazy drivers scooting around our big tour bus. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as we hear gasps from our fellow passengers at the many near misses to pedestrians, scooters and [read more…]

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