My most watched Holiday Post

I shared a great post about new babies going home from the hospital in Christmas Stockings with Matching Hats and wow did you guys ever love it.  1000’s read the post and shared it. The real story is: “What do you do with them once you get them home?” Not just in the first month [read more…]

How Much is Your Body Worth?

Looking at this stick wooden person, you wouldn’t think very much.  But listen to what Earl Nightingale says from his Lead the Field audio series: “Most of us have no idea how much we are worth, despite the fact that we are God’s highest form of creation.  If the electronic energy in the atoms of our [read more…]

Positive Thanksgiving Signals

Wishing all our Canadian friends and family a bountiful harvest! So let’s all bloom where we’re planted and be sending out some great signals to those around us. Blessings, Barb Ashcroft Share this…

News on Organic

Last month we had a captivated crowd with us watching “Food Matters”. It is a fast paced, hard hitting documentary on “We are what we eat”. Rodale Press has recently released stats that show ORGANIC is better for us. Here is the Newest Release. Here is my ‘go to’ for a quick organic afternoon pick me [read more…]

What do you HATE the most?

I know, many of you are saying HATE is too strong a word or emotion.  Hear me out.  I’m reading Darren Hardy’s (Editor of Success Magazine) newest best seller right now, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster and his first chapter grabbed me. He shares that love and hate are the same thing…just looking in different directions.  [read more…]

8 Simple Ways to Be Healthier

Post by BuzzFeed Blue.   Share this…

Year End Thanksgiving

There’s nothing as powerful as “Lifting” others up by “Giving Appreciation”. This is how our wonderful mentor Ron Zehr compiled our “Blessings Night” to share with a special couple who have contributed to our “Wellness” in boundless ways. Enjoy and may your 2015 be a year of countless days filled with Good Health, Boundless Energy, [read more…]

What’s the problem?

Have you ever recommended or endorsed something to a friend and they then go to someone who has no expertise in that field for counsel and your friend decides against your advice because that unqualified person said so. Annoying right! It would be like going to a plumber to ask for legal advice. Recently I’ve [read more…]

It takes a Village

You’ve heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”.   Well it also takes a team or a network to share the ‘good news’. It’s an exciting time.  Not only are we seeing and hearing wonderful local stories but our partner associates now in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, (and a proposed [read more…]

Social Media – The Next Classroom

In the old days I would travel, lecture, consult and pack it all up and head to the next stop. It was all about educating the select ones who desired what I offered, expertise in wellness.     Now we fast forward to a new era: social media, Facebook, twitter, blogging, etc. Geographically we can [read more…]

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