Don’t Take HEALTH for Granted

One of my health focused friends is doing what we would call ‘Living the Dream’…she’s fulfilled a lifetime goal of living in Bali.
This week she sent a post out to her FB page and WOW – what an eye opener. Here are some abbreviated snippets we can learn from.

What I want you to know from my experience here in Bali…..
This time in Bali has sure made me realize how important HEALTH IS.
How important having the health products that you rely on/love and need right at your fingertips.

Appreciate where you are.

I was always someone who thought it would be better some place else.

I was never really satisfied where I was.

Too cold, to big of a city, too much snow, no ocean, boring and bland.

Then I moved to Vancouver Island and LOVED it.

But soon….

Too cold. Too wet. Too gloomy. Winters too long. Expensive.
No white sand beaches. Summers way too short.

Oh yes, always something. This stay in Bali has taught me so much!

No place is perfect.

I LOVE various things here – the beach, the water, the people, the size of this city, how close everything is for me, the prices, most of the food…But when I think of a few more things that are CRUCIAL to me and very important – it doesn’t really cut it.


Since being here I have realized how all the amazing healthy food, supplements, super foods and super powders I used to consume each day on Vancouver Island (for over 18 years) – kept me healthy.

I am realizing how all that fantastic nutrition that I was consuming was so CRUCIAL to my health and my happiness!

I LOVE to feel good.  I love to enjoy life and really when we are not feeling that great everything is of course harder.

I look back now and I took so much for granted.  So, so much.

** Clean fresh air.
** Beautiful trees and trails.
** Farmers markets with amazing food and products.
** Super foods and super powders.
** Energy workers, alternative health care (yes they are here in some areas too).
** Easy to communicate with doctors, etc, anyone really
** Fantastic supplements that are so easy to get
** Easy to get natural body, hair and face products

So I am for sure looking back and realizing all the things I took for granted.
Yes, I did know how great it was to have them.

But now…I see how CRUCIAL they were to my life.  Absolutely crucial.

So more lessons and learning are in my future.  What I want you to know is…..

If you are not eating healthy, nourishing foods (local as much as possible) and taking high quality supplements, including some super powders, etc in your day – then I can tell you right now…


I am sitting here so passionate about health and yet feeling – not on top of it myself.

But I know now what my body needs and requires.

I always knew, but this time away from so much – I realize and know now that at this phase of my life – I need way more nutrients. High quality ones.  Along with FRESH CLEAN AIR!!!

Most of you have access to that.  DON’T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.

Go out and get some healthy foods.

Nourish your body.

Go out and get some good quality supplements.

Start using all the amazing super powders and superfoods that are available.


Do NOT wait until you get sick to really start taking care of yourself.

We deal with the “WHOLE” you – body/mind/spirit – Because that is health.

I can tell you for sure, HEALTH determines how you get to live your life.

You GET to create that.  That is powerful.


Thank you Diana Marchand (used with her permission) for the reminder and for the nudge to get those healthy supplements, super powders and superfoods on order and routinely into our bodies.  Being human often can lead to going off our healthy routines…but hey – me, you, us – we can begin again.

We are more than fortunate because our company of choice, our RBC Life Sciences, is a LEGACY company that brought SuperFoods to the marketplace.  That’s being GREEN before it was even cool.

It takes someone else reminding us, and for that I am so grateful.   Thank you Diana.

Make it a Great Week on your way to a Great Life.

“Health isn’t everything, but without it, everything else is nothing.”

Kind Regards,

Barb Ashcroft

Diana leads a community called Women Creating Healthy Lives

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