Dr Zehr shares two secrets to a healthy life

Why do 20,000 Colo-Vada orders get shipped to Russia?  Just watch this short video and notice the crowd in this audience.

The introduction is in Russian but shortly you’ll hear Dr. Zehr in English, share from his heart.


And now we all have this opportunity.

That’s a fantastic offer for Spring Cleansing.

Spirulina works wonderfully in conjunction with the Colo-Vada Plus to help maintain blood sugar, and give you a great source of protein so that you are feeling satisfied.

Q: Why do 20,000 Colo-Vada cleanses get shipped regularly to Russia? 

A:  Because Colo-Vada works amazingly well.  That many people can’t be wrong.

Share with your friends and do a buddy-system approach.  This is a key ‘P’ step in the GAPPS puzzle (see image below).

Contact your personal RBC Life Associate or contact us to help you take advantage of this great bonus.  Ask about wholesale pricing as well.

If you have been a member and haven’t been active in 2018 be sure to contact us, as we have a special notice to pass along.

To Your Health,

Barb Ashcroft

Changing Lives with Hope, Health and Humour (this blog post is the Health portion)

WeChangeLives@shaw.ca / www.BarbAshcroft.ca



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