Educational Series #2 of 4 Boosting Your Antivirals


How does your body know how and what to protect you from?

We are all familiar with how our bodies respond to threats.  Most times our immune system takes care of what our body is fighting in its normal 3-5-7 days.

But HOW?

Your immune system should know that there’s a problem. It reads a tell-tale “fingerprint” of proteins on the surface of cells, so it can tell the difference between your own cells and what shouldn’t be there.

For several decades I had a ‘magical’ vocation that allowed me to see the miraculous body at work. I worked as a Live Blood Cell Analyst or L.B.A. to help shine some light on what was happening in the body through dark field microscopy.   Under the microscope and then projected onto the monitor for the client to see what their ‘body chemistry real time’ looked like.

WOW!  So many marvelous stories I could tell.  We are wonderfully created.  For my lectures I created videos of the white cells going into high speed (to the soundtrack of JAWS) as they encountered foreign bodies that needed annihilation.  So marvelous to watch.

We can be grateful that we don’t have to orchestrate all this.  It doesn’t rely on our directions, other than our diligence with Self Care.

I’m inserting a Doctor’s Ted x Talk video that explains well beyond reading and seeing.  It shows how the body sees and communicates to set off the ALARMS.  Glycobiology and Communication is one of the top 10 emerging sciences entering even into mainstream medicine.

Ted x Talk

Remember how yesterday in Education Series #1 we shared on the properties of fresh Olive Leaf and its powerful properties.  Today we focus on Acemannan (glycoscience) and how it is a powerful help for the immune system and for cellular communication (to be fighting the right things).  Acemannan is the active KEY ingredient in Aloe Vera, but only when it is grown and processed correctly.

Fortunately for us, we have access to the science of Acemannan as well as the key scientific team that discovered it.  More importantly that Acemannan (aloe vera) is the base for the fresh Olive Leaf in Oliviva, the multi faceted nutrition drink we viewed in the previous Educational Tip.

Although we may know in part, there are always occasions when the profoundness of our body is beyond what we can understand, ask or think.

We just stand in AWE!  At the end of the series I’m going to share a very Personal Story from my consulting days that I was reminded of whilst I was writing this post.  I think you’ll be more than a little blown away by what the body, mind and spirit can do together.

If you’re enjoying the interaction, please join us and GRAB YOUR SPOT in our next Live Free Online Masterclass.  Ron Zehr and I have over 60 years of experience to share.  Our goal is to lessen the OVERWHELM of WELLNESS and to give you EASY steps and ideas to implement.

Till #3 Education Tip.  Make it a Great Week

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