Group Book Studies

There is nothing like learning from a host and fellow attendees when it comes to discerning tips, hacks and take aways when you read a book together.

Previous book studies include Think and Grow Rich, The Law of Attraction how-to book, and Success Study Series by Brian Tracey. The picture featured is where we began our very first book study.  It began with a group meeting in Hawaii.

Let us know if you'd like to join us!

Sharon gets to travel to exotic places with her sister Sandy who got her started. Photo op with Kathy Howard at the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki

Life Long Learners  - Join our  Online Book Study

When I get a 'GOOD' book I don't read it.  I EAT it, literally going through the nuggets that can make and impact my life.

This Fall/Winter Arizona trip has placed a marvelous book in front of me.
'Grace over Grind' by Shae Bynes

Wow it gave me huge insights into how myself and many I know work by GRIND.  Pushing, pulling, even dragging out success. So I was open to read and gain insights on how to be 'in the flow'...because what YOU have done by your own effort, also requires that you maintain that YOURSELF.  I'm all for a flow, even a supernatural flow and divine favor.

Are you ready to look for another way?  I'm going to lead a 'book study' where we can go through this book together and all grow.

If so CONTACT ME and put your name on the list.  Specify Time zone as we have folks from international corners as well - we may need to do two to accommodate time changes.

More details once you register:

4 Steps:

  1. Sign up a a Founding VIP Member - here is the page
  2. Go to this link to purchase the book
  3. Purchase a separate journal to record in
  4. Set aside 1 hour per week for 4 weeks (we'll contact you to find out which book study group suits you best)
  5. Bonus Step - BEST of all get excited for some AWESOME Flow to come your way!
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