How Much is Your Body Worth?

Looking at this stick wooden person, you wouldn’t think very much.  But listen to what Earl Nightingale says from his Lead the Field audio series: “Most of us have no idea how much we are worth, despite the fact that we are God’s highest form of creation.  If the electronic energy in the atoms of our bodies could be utilized, each of us could supply ALL of the electrical needs for an industrialized COUNTRY for close to a week.  (Not just a household, or a block or a city, but an entire country!)

Scientists discovered that the atoms of the human body contain potential energy of eleven million kilowatt-hours per pound, which would make an average man or woman worth about $85 billion.

The electrons in your body are more than particles of matter; they’re waves of living energy that spread out in patterns of light.  And as they move, they sing.  You would hear a great symphonic concert (with the right hearing device) as these waves play and flow, merging with the waves of other matter.

These electrons in your body not only SING, but they also SHINE.  If you’re a fan of The Voice you may remember one of the contestants, either Chevel or Mary Grace that had the gift of seeing music as colours – amazing eh!

If you stood in front of an infrared TV camera in a dark room, the screen would show you from top to bottom as a glistening radiating form.  Even with spending billions of $$$ you would not be able to reproduce your mind mechanically.

So as Crystal Hansen (author and wife of Mark Victor Hansen) shares in her book Skinny Life: “Do you get it? There is nothing more valuable than the unique and beautiful body that God created just for you!”

**So as we are faced with food choices, temptations and exercise challenges – let’s take this all into account – and treasure the value that’s already been placed in us.  Everything you ever think, do, become or create will happen through your body**


and until next time, keep smiling,

Barb Ashcroft

Changing Lives with Hope, Health and Humour



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