Is Your BRAIN Protected?

Wow I just read an incredible account of a lady cyclist being run over – let me rephrase that – her HEAD being run over and she survived.

Thank you Lord, she was wearing a bike helmet, and here she is holding what is left of it.

I’ll include the link to the article at the end so you can see this – it’s incredible!

But that got me thinking – what are you doing to PROTECT your BRAIN?

You may use supplements for increasing your function, but what about the ‘protection’ aspect?

Wow – yes that is so important and we have the TOOLS to help.

Here are new PDFs of the nutrients in NeuroBright and also in Pure Focus


Check out this article from the Vernon area posted yesterday.

You’ll see all the pictures on the link.

Beware and grab your helmet, take your NeuroBright and Pure Focus!

You’re Worth It!

Have a Healthy Day,


Barb Ashcroft

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