Let GO of that EGO to Be HAPPY

Pharrell Williams, song writer and artist singing’Happy” has been attributed for the creation of 40% of the music in North America at one time.

I have to admit I did not recognize his name until the release of the contagious “HAPPY” , which was on the sound track for the movie ‘Despicable ME 2’

On an Oprah Masterclass interview (I’ve inserted the short copy here) he spoke about trying NINE times to create that song and ONLY when he was finally devoid of EGO and was EMPTY did it come together.  Rather than trying to get HIS spin in the recording, he allowed it to flow.

INTENTION is such a force – this is when ‘Riding on Empty can be a Good Thing’.

Check out his wonderful reaction when Oprah runs the tape.

What do you need to let go of to allow the FLOW in your LIFE?

I love when we’re connected to Source!

Make room for some God inspired happenings in your life.

EGO = easing God out

Make it a HAPPY Day!

Barb Ashcroft

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