Making the 70’s the new 50’s – Off all their meds

Annie Ziplining

Annie Ziplining

Off all their meds!

Magical words to those of us who have been taken captive on the treadmill of one med leading to another med, then to another!  If we feel like a gerbil, it’s for a reason.

Annie and Bob Donald are two such people who have accomplished getting off that treadmill.  They’re out there enjoying life and being extremely active.

So you don’t have to become a hermit to make these kinds of changes to your lifestyle.


Here they are being entertained at a Christmas appreciation night.

Here is their story.

Off All Our Meds ……….

Our enjoyment of retirement took a right turn (or wrong turn) a few years into this journey when health challenges became a growing concern. My husband’s health was deteriorating over the years following a heart infection and collapsed lung event. Prescription medications were only addressing some symptoms and improved health was not a term used in our vocabulary.

I had been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. A variety of different medications were tried which only seemed to produce unwanted side effects.

I was introduced to RBC Life Sciences products which we both started taking. Our health issues diminished and our lives improved immensely. We are both off all our meds and feel so much better.

Our energy, stamina and overall lifestyle have taken us in a new direction. Being in our 70’s, it now feels like our 50’s! We are truly grateful to those who shared the opportunity with us to discover and enjoy such improved health and wellness.

We now look forward to the 80’s with enthusiasm and excitement!

Annie D.



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