Mel Gibson I’d be JUST like you

If I had an extra $23,000 to $30,000 I’d do just what Mel did.

Yes you bet, I know exactly what that money would be earmarked for.

I have already had 8 years of improved health in three key areas, but most wonderfully, a hand tremor that stopped shaking.  This change started when I added the supplement Stem-Kine to my already good nutritional regime.

I support my repair system with this supplement.  It fertilizes my bone marrow to produce more of my own stem cells.

Whatever underscores all the science – simply said – my hand is STILL tremor free.

However with aging, if I had that extra $23,000-$30,000 us$, I’d be just like Mel Gibson.

I’d make a beeline for Panama and get the full meal deal (medical infusion of day 1 stem cells – refer to video below).

I’m sure lots of other areas of my health could be and would be assisted.  We all have a diminishing stem cell reserve after we get past the age of 30, with a slippery slope after that.  That is why I totally agree with this stem cell pioneer, when he says we don’t have AGE related health decline, we have a stem cell repair system deficiency that simply can’t make up for the shortfall.

My present bank $ balance is targeted elsewhere, so I’ll continue my much more affordable protocol.  (Also formulated by this stem cell pioneer and used with his ‘Big Meal Deal’ as a pre and post program to boost stem cells for ongoing repair).

I’m opting to continue using what’s working, and for a fraction of that cost.  But don’t just google the product, because:

  • Our wonderful RBC Life Sciences not only offers the product to its members at below wholesale prices
  • AND allows us a way to earn free product via a Loyalty Rewards program.
  • AND $$$ rebates are even one more benefit giving us a third opportunity to also fund our ‘get well and stay well plan’.

Many people don’t know what they don’t know.

Ask to find out ALL the ways to get your top of the line, whole food supplements at the best price.

Here’s Mel to tell you more (about the full meal deal).

It encouraged me all over again to be diligent with my Self Care Program, because this is the only body I’m going to have.

***Change in regards to my Changing Lives Newsletter and Blog Posts***

I’ll be sending out the Newsletter Quarterly and it will be divided into two distinct sections so you can read what you prefer:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Natural Health & Wellness

These blog posts will be sprinkled with either of those categories, especially when I come across interesting tidbits that I feel you you’d be interested in knowing about.  This one I came across as I was researching answers for a client.

Until Next Blog and Newsletter,

Be Well and make it a Great Month,

Barb Ashcroft, C.I., C.H., L.B.A., A. Kines, Ed Kines, T for H

ps. Not just for the two legged variety, pets are getting healthy too.

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