Millions working into age 70, 80 and even 90

Here is a blog post that came across my inbox this week.


Despite the article being targeted for the USA audience (the suggestions at the bottom don’t correlate for the Canadian market, ie Energy market) it does show some startling trends and some drastic stats.  We are well aware what often starts in the USA eventually equates to north of the 49th parallel too.

From my personal experience, I just returned from a symposium in the States and it’s amazing how many seniors were the ones serving me.

The blog End of Retirement? What you can do to avoid it, is a wake up call.

For a Canadian solution, request our “Live MORE package”… replying here and get some answers to many of your questions.

We have resource people in all areas of retirement planning to assist you.  Consider us a ‘hub’ to best direct you.

Have a tremendous ‘Daylight Saving Time’ week.


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