Miracle in Thailand?

Were you like me, waiting each morning with anticipation for news of a miracle regarding the 12 trapped soccer boys and their coach?

As I laid in bed at 6:30 am and heard the news that ALL the team and coach were safely out of the cave, I gave a HUGE sigh of relief and made the ASL (American Sign Language) gesture of ‘Hallelujah’ with both my hands.  Interestingly, I felt in unison with many others around the world during that moment.   Gratitude is a FEELING and I definitely felt we all had that feeling fill us to overflowing with the positive news.

With an eagerness for Good News – I came across this article in my inbox and felt you might also like to hear from someone on the ground there.

This link is from Lorna Dueck of Crossroads Communications as she interviews Neel Roberts, a local missionary there.

I remember sitting in awe of Zig Ziglar as he shared his message of hope and thinking and speaking to those around me, “Man if we could contain this positivity in a container and share it with the world, there wouldn’t be any dissent or wars out there”.

Wow – so true with this too.

Let’s focus on ‘whatever is pure, whatever is true, whatever is of good report’.

It’s ancient wisdom and has the power to change the world.

Blessings to you all,


Changing Lives with Hope, Health and Humour

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