My most watched Holiday Post

I shared a great post about new babies going home from the hospital in Christmas Stockings with Matching Hats and wow did you guys ever love it.  1000’s read the post and shared it.

The real story is: “What do you do with them once you get them home?” Not just in the first month either.

As a new parent many years ago, I remember the overwhelm of “What do I do now?”

Well Dr. Carolyn Rachaner, ND who has specialized in women’s and children’s health (plus being a mom of 4) shines some great insights for ALL of US, whether we’re parents, grandparents or teachers.  We all play a part.

Here is a great resource to share with all those you care about.

Imagine what we do NOW can affect generations down the line.  Now that’s leaving a wonderful ‘Legacy’.


Barb Ashcroft


RBC Life Building Healthy Families from RBC Life on Vimeo.

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