Some jobs you REALLY have to BE WELL

This month I’m going to feature one of our “Success Stories”…..not mine exactly.

Some jobs you REALLY have to have some physical dexterity………yes you do, if you’re spreadeagled like this below.

Rick Nolan 4 Rick Nolan 5 Rick Nolan 8

Let me introduce you to Rick, who is the lineman shown in the photos.

Here’s his story:

Working in the power-line construction industry is physically demanding and can take it’s toll on the body (especially knees and back).

I tore my right shoulder apart 20 years ago – many months of therapy and no surgery to date (ongoing bursitis only).

I credit my recovery and repair to several nutrients.   Curiosity led to a friend introducing me to this superior quality, ALL NATURAL supplement line.

With particularly RBC Life’s Stem-Kine and Microhydrin; I had positive results in movement within the first month – and now I have close to 100% range of motion as well as overall better health

Entering another year NON-Medicated – have had some folks inquire ‘what am I doing’ –

(Thank You RBC Life Sciences, a leader in natural supplements for 25 years).

Here’s some results I experienced in a relatively short time:

  • NO heartburn
  • high blood pressure/arthritis/joint pain (knees are actually better)/etc.

Curiosity of nutritional requirements led to more information, which led to more knowledge, which led to more curiosity and so on.

So stay curious!   Click here for a video to showcase REPAIR

Rick Nolan

ps Rick tells us his beard and hair are also getting darker……….thanks for sharing with us!

Now here’s a happier lineman

Rick Nolan 3

Rick Nolan 2









Stay tuned for more success stories, and to hear from others who are “Changing their Normal” in a good way.


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