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Our 1st LIVE EVENT!! Pre-registration is REQUIRED

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Finding Renewed Purpose 

I've led segments in our Mastermind Groups called 'Finding Your Top 4 Fulfillment Needs'.

It has been a big catalyst for change.

It's also been a measuring stick to find Certainty in Uncertain Times and the BEST next path to take.

I believe it could be the RENEWING TOOL for this very time we're all going through.

  • If you are also unsure what to do next - Maybe that’s you too?

We’re offering our Complimentary Session to RE-IGNITE &/or REDEFINE with RENEWED PURPOSE!  So whether this is a first time or a refresher, it could be your best time to get plugged into finding your Fulfillment Needs and having a mid course correction as we enter our New Normal.

Here’s some positive side effects:   RENEWED!!!

  • Guidance
  • Evidence
  • Direction
  • Renewed Clarity

On the 'Canada Talent Food Bank Outreach' this past weekend Chris Hadfield (Cdn Astronaut) shared: ‘Don’t squander the time you have right now!  Don’t look back and think, ‘Oh man, I had all that time and what did I do with it.’   Let’s REDEEM the TIME and come out of this with Brand spanking new thoughts, plans and strategies.  Let’s talk RENEWAL!

Contact us today.  Barb and Permelia  Text 250-951-2554 or 250-240-2656










Past Events:  

June 7th - I'm super excited as I have been invited to be on the Panel 


Evening Panel Discussion at Royal Roads University 7-9 pm

Midlife Career Reinvention 

Join us for an evening conversation focused on reinventing your career midlife. A panel with diverse backgrounds share their stories of Midlife Career Reinvention. They’ll discuss how and why they changed careers. Learn the Pros and Cons of their transformation, what they learned along the way, and whether or not they would do it again knowing what they now know. Come with any burning questions you have so you can have them answered during the Q & A session. Learn before you take the leap to make your own midlife career change.  $20 + gst REGISTER HERE 



PAST EVENTS:  Sept 22nd 10-5 at the Wellness News - Wellness Expo Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo

Speaking and Hosting a booth as Changing Lives with Hope Health and Humour

"Stop the Frustration - Shortcut to Finding What Fulfills You"

Are you performing in life at your peak level?  What’s holding you back?

Would you like a measuring stick to assess if future endeavors or opportunities are a fit for you (in advance of course)?

Would you like to understand and embrace the feelings at play in your relationships?

This session is perfect for those at a key junction in their life as well as younger people starting out.

Simple methodical steps to put you on the Path toward JOY.

Barb Ashcroft is a Speaker, Author, Mentor and Encourager. She’s been a Student of Michael Losier’s since 2003 and Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown before that.  Barb has been facilitating workshops, and Mastermind Mentoring Series and Retreats for many years.

Her 3 decades as a Natural Health Practitioner and Team Leader sparked in her, an insatiable thirst for Personal Development.

She invites you to “Come and get filled up!”   “Aha’s” are free, and they can be liberating as well

September 26th Law of Attraction Elite 6 week Mastermind Mentoring (go to Mastermind for all the details).

SAVE these future NETWORKING dates:  Let's Connect!

1st Tuesday of each month September - June with Nanaimo Women in Business Meeting.

Connect with me at https://calendly.com/ashcroftbarb so I can invite you to join.

Absolute BEST online Edu-Networking Group is attending Grand Connection.  Contact me so I can forward a special invite to attend twice for free.


Barb is available for speaking engagements either in person or via podcast. Her Media Kit is presently being updated. You can request a draft or check back as we will be uploading it to both this page and as a drop down on the About Barb tab.



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