The END of knee and hip replacements?

Brand new Stem Cell news AGAIN! Click on the JOINT EFFORT link to bring up the exciting video (sorry you’ll have to click on the actual words Joint Effort below the photo to bring up the video). Joint EffortThe breakthrough that could mean the end of hip and knee replacements. #7News Posted by 7 [read more…]

The Economics of Arthritis

Later this week my monthly newsletter will be sent to subscribers.  It will include an article that has a really good look into arthritis. Here’s a reality check as to the economic devastation arthritis does, very eye opening. Click on photo to enlarge. It “PAYS” to stay well.  In fact, Prevention has the best value. [read more…]

Dr. Shapiro speaks out

If you need to hear an informed pro-active MD specialist share on Stem Cell Advancement and Turnarounds this could be the one. This is a 2014 current lecture and provides windows of insight into a big inflammatory connection. Dr. Riordan, who she references as the next speaker, is the formulator of the Stem-Cell help that [read more…]

Nitty gritty for those that want to ‘know’

I think it’s a great time to focus on some great advances and take you to the science behind them. Here is an online version of our leading Stem Cell Nutrition Seminar presented by one of the most successful ‘health minded’ ladies out there. Get comfy and get your notepad because you’ll want to grab [read more…]

Retirement Revisited

Dear Barb Retirement – that time in life when I would have it all! Golf, bridge, leisure time with friends as well as the occasional travel all on my agenda. Only it didn’t quite work out that way. After moving to Qualicum Beach and renovating my home, I realized that my funds were limited. Also [read more…]

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