Research behind our Brain Health NeuroBright

The first step to support our body for memory, focus and learning. No matter the age, whether studying in a new environment (kids and parents now) or having to cram for University papers and exams or even fast forward to aging challenges; NeuroBright is key for helping. As you may know we have new access [read more…]

Brain and Body Foundation Aiding Children’s Lives

I’ve just had the wonderful opportunity during a video conference to hear from Dr. David Dayo Ajibade. Dr. Ajibade is the medical director and founder of Brain and Body Solutions, Ltd., an integrated health center. He is also the Executive Director of Brain and Body Foundation (BBF), an organization focused on educating the Nigerian public [read more…]

3 Mental Tricks that Keep Your Memory Sharp

I recently read these tips from Dr. Gary Small on Oprah .com and felt they had value to try them out.  Let me know which ones help you the best. Here’s the article (link is at the bottom so you can view more): When you hit middle age, it’s normal to feel that your memory [read more…]

A Mentor – what benefits do you see?

I like this term MENTOR.  I think for me it fits way better than ‘coach’, and better describes how I help people. My Epiphany:   I’m not travelling across Western Canada, doing IN PERSON one on one health consulting any more.  Communication  methods have changed and I still have my contacts spread all around the globe [read more…]

Maybe it’s NOT Dementia? Hope for Memory Loss, Mobility and Lack of Bladder Control

There is an little known disorder that just needs awareness. Thanks to a previous Lieutenant Governor from Alberta coming forward, there is new hope. This article and news report is worth watching and reading. Early detection is necessary so be informed, as this condition is treatable. Here is the article  Be sure to watch the video [read more…]

Hope for Alzheimers

This is a great invention by a 15 year old, whose love for his Grandpa prevailed. Necessity, the mother of invention. Click here for the article   Cheers, Barb Share this…

Memory, Vision, & Hearing Roadblocks

Back to Basics, Structural Basics that is! It won’t matter how good you eat or what amazing supplements you take IF, and it’s a big IF; you do not have good circulation getting through the shoulders and the neck to the head area. Here’s the premise: The body requires SUPPLY (oxygen, nutrients and also an [read more…]

How do you LIVE MORE?

We were blessed last month with the teachings of Ron and Lois Zehr as they shared with our audience, EXACTLY how to LIVE MORE! What does that mean to you? We’re excited to share lots of good stuff this Wednesday Feb 11th at 7 pm Where: THE MAC (McMillan Arts Centre) kitty corner from the [read more…]

Jann Arden on Alzheimers

Here are some ‘Insights” or “Breakthroughs” that Jann Arden, Canadian Pop Singer Phenom has written about as her parents both move forward on the ‘memory loss’ journey.  These were posted on her Official Facebook page.  I share her inspiration and insights.  I hope it blesses and encourages you as it really touched me. Every time [read more…]

Nutrients for Brain and Memory

New findings on Gingko Biloba and other Brain Booster Nutrients backs up the formulation of NeuroBright (patented memory complex) • Ginkgo Biloba – A popular plant known as the memory tree. Studies show that Ginkgo supports mental clarity and normal memory function. It provides antioxidant protection and supports healthy circulation.* NEW FINDINGS: Ginkgo biloba, has [read more…]

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