Do you WANNA?

For the direct link to my interview go to page 2 and you’ll see this image. It really was a marvelous experience being interviewed by these gals. Please share with me your ‘take-aways’!   Blessings, Barb Ashcroft Share this…

Ever wonder what your SUPERPOWER is?

Of late, we’ve been hearing people talk of their ‘Super Powers’ even their  ‘Secret Sauce’. It’s always baffled me what mine is. Is that you too? I’m enrolled in a BYOB Bootcamp… that stands for Build Your Own Business (online) and I am absolutely charmed with Steve Dotto and his talent to share knowledge, clarity [read more…]

Life Lessons Learned from a Puzzle

Oh yes, LESSONS LEARNED from a challenging puzzle. It was that puppy dog picture that grabbed us and we were game to work on a puzzle. It’s now 3 weeks – we’re STILL seeking the right pieces for the OUTSIDE EDGE! So here’s what we’ve learned that applies to life and business: Things or pieces [read more…]

5 Factoid Souvenirs from Costa Rica

Costa Rica 5 Things you may NOT know 1 ) Multi-Coloured Eucalyptus Tree We have eucalyptus trees here on Vancouver Island, but they peel with an orange-rust coloured bark. This gorgeous tree peels in multi-coloured vertical stripes. Reminds me that a New Year is coming and with that, comes many new colours, flavours and opportunities [read more…]

Beginning all over again – Life Transitions

How do you handle uncertainty?  We all go through it – throughout our lifetime. -Elementary school – we progress up to become a Senior and move on -Only to begin again as low (wo)man on the ladder in High School – to progress up to become a Senior again -To move on to Post High [read more…]

Way Too Much Fun to Retire

Who doesn’t love Art Linkletter and the title of his book? More Women in Their 60s and 70s Are Having ‘Way Too Much Fun’ to Retire  I’ve often joked that my goal is to make the decade of our 60’s the new 30’s. Today I share a post  (click on the purple link) about other [read more…]


It’s nothing new………..we’ve heard it before……….we’ve seen it in the news…..and heard from our friends who have toured there. The Air Quality is just plain bad……Particulate Matter is high… China.  We ourselves have had contacts that moved there and had to return because of the hazard for their own health.  So all that to say………….people [read more…]

What do you do with DOUBT?

Wow!  This is a biggie! Self Doubt – Doubt in your abilities – Doubt in whether you’re on the right path – the right career – am I good enough? Wow!  All conditions that have been before us at one time or another. So what do you do about it? Well there are Laws that [read more…]

Consciously Creating – can I trust that Law of Attraction

I subscribe to several Daily Email Nuggets….John Maxwell, Darren Hardy ….they provide bite sized nuggets to help align me or cause me pause in perspective, thinking etc. Today on the bottom of Darren Hardy’s Nugget  called ‘Do What’s You’ was a comment that I think is key, based on the amount of uncertainly in our [read more…]

Ideal Performance Patterns

The ideal performance pattern includes shifts from one physical or cognitive mode to another, back and forth, throughout the day. WHY? we have been Mentally Programmed to believe that if we’re NOT constantly being productive, we are somehow being lazy.   Isn’t that a relief!  We’ve been programmed that way, so it’s not our own doing. [read more…]

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