Why Sitting is the New Smoking

Yes, you’ve all been hearing the slogan, “Sitting is the new Smoking”, drawing our attention to one more thing we are nudged to implement in our Self Care protocol. My focus is more on optimal BRAIN and ENERGY function, than lung function; but either way here’s some facts to support why you will want to [read more…]

Ideal Performance Patterns

The ideal performance pattern includes shifts from one physical or cognitive mode to another, back and forth, throughout the day. WHY? we have been Mentally Programmed to believe that if we’re NOT constantly being productive, we are somehow being lazy.   Isn’t that a relief!  We’ve been programmed that way, so it’s not our own doing. [read more…]

11 of the Best Things to EAT Before a Workout

Wow this is a great article, because there’s so many opinions on Do You – Don’t You, etc. So here’s an article that spells out the WHAT you should EAT before a workout and WHY! Click here for the article. Notice there’s a Smoothie and Bananas in that list. As always contact me for some [read more…]

Boosting your ENERGY when you haven’t slept

I’ve had a weekly early morning appointment for years now……it requires me to get up at 5:30 am to get ready to attend a business networking function. I can do it,  I’m a morning person…………….but the rest of the day I tank…………..man ……..it’s crazy how my energy bottoms out.  So I was happy to find [read more…]

Memory, Vision, & Hearing Roadblocks

Back to Basics, Structural Basics that is! It won’t matter how good you eat or what amazing supplements you take IF, and it’s a big IF; you do not have good circulation getting through the shoulders and the neck to the head area. Here’s the premise: The body requires SUPPLY (oxygen, nutrients and also an [read more…]

Extra Extra Natural Medicine Chest Supplies

I am loving this new IQ product and I’m receiving many great reports already…make sure to read down for the savings. Here’s my facebook post in case you can’t view it (don’t have fb or aren’t on my fb page). Read down to learn about the Extra Special I’m offering, but only for the next [read more…]

What does the UN declare for the best food for the future?

Did you know that the United Nations declared spirulina the best food for the future? No wonder. Spirulina is one of the most potent, most concentrated and most nutrient-rich foods too. And like most superfoods, it’s both a food and a medicine. According to health experts, spirulina has the power to give us maximum nutrition, [read more…]

Unbroken – hear in his own words

Here I am networking and not being paid for it. Networking is ‘Making an Endorsement’ about something! In this case the ‘something’ I’m endorsing is the movie “UNBROKEN”. WOW……this month we’ve been focusing on Entrepreneurial spirit. The spirit of this movie is: “If you can take it, you can make it!” The human spirit is [read more…]

Your Body says more than Yum Yum and Poo Poo

Your body is telling you way more than nudging you that it’s time for the next meal or the next potty stop. So how can you tell? Here’s one way………….How to Detect Nutritional Deficiencies is a general list of body indicators. If you’re concerned about Memory here’s one more;  going back to my many days/years [read more…]

To do well, you have to be well

You’ve seen them.  They’re the folks you see who are on their game. They’re SHARP! They remember your name, they’re bright, alert and you think, “Wow, how do they do it? I’d like to be more like that.” It’s no accident.  They follow the premise, “To do well, you have to be well, especially in [read more…]

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