Let GO of that EGO to Be HAPPY

Pharrell Williams, song writer and artist singing’Happy” has been attributed for the creation of 40% of the music in North America at one time. I have to admit I did not recognize his name until the release of the contagious “HAPPY” , which was on the sound track for the movie ‘Despicable ME 2’ On [read more…]

3 Things to make your Summer more Memorable

Turn the lazy hazy days of summer into something memorable.  Here’s 3 great ways: Grab a buddy (for encouragement and accountability) and use the fresh veggies and outdoor environment to work/play/cleanse together. Easy Peasy protocol that will make you FEEL better.  Special discounted pricing, support and PERKS for Buddies who do this together.   July [read more…]

Why WEIGHT till January?

Here’s a great way to be ‘in control’ over the holidays. Check out the video here (click on the photo to see enlarged) Sound strategies and MORE than MARVELOUS results. Cheers Barb Ashcroft Share this…

Reset – Rest – Recharge

We know about investment strategies for our finances, but did you know there’s a bigger resource, your most valuable resource we need to look after?  Your energy is not a limitless resource. Running on Empty!  Let’s face it, we live in a culture where ‘busy’ carries a Brownie badge.  Seize the day!  Just do it! No [read more…]

Thank you Gordie Howe

We’re so happy that Gordie Howe, Canadian hockey legend has had a remarkable recovery after two serious strokes. Here his son shares how stem cell therapy accomplished that. (click on the colored link for article) The entire nation got a boost also, because it gave credence to the advance of stem cell recovery. Now MS [read more…]

It’s an inside job

I simply have to share a great story received from my daily emails from Bob Proctor’s Insight of the day.  To receive these wonderful nuggets go to: e-mail: insights@insightoftheday.com The Power of Your Mind In 1980 I was diagnosed by several doctors in Toronto, Canada with a rare illness called environment hypersensitivity disorder, also called [read more…]

Every 20 minutes my skin sheds

Imagine if every 20 minutes the skin on your hands sloughed off, leaving it raw underneath, and PAINFUL! That is Victoria’s story. She shared photos taken in her bathing suit to show the contrast between her regular healthy skin and her arms & hands in particular. That is painful to even look at, let alone [read more…]

Retired – Now What?

We’ve been sharing all kinds of tips and success stories from individuals. Here’s your chance to “Come on Down” and meet ‘many of these individuals’ to hear some real live accounts and pick our brains for answers that you are looking for. Invite your friends because we all know someone who deserves some encouragement. We’re [read more…]

Self Care

You can’t see the forest for the trees. You defrag your PC, so how about some downtime for your brain. How on earth would you do that?  First off – TAKE TIME and GET AWAY from your normal routine. If you get hijacked with the “PING” ie: email alert …. time to turn off the [read more…]

Setting your Thermostat

Wow I just had an instant recoil as I noticed that we’re one month till Christmas and just a little longer till we enter a New Year!  Yikes! My task-oriented mindset instantly goes to WHAT I DIDN’T complete from my 2013 checklist and do I still have time to tick all the boxes before December [read more…]

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