In preparation for World Suicide Prevention Day Segment 1

In this Segment #1 – I interview Caro Brookings, Healing after Suicide Loss Coach is sharing how we can help those remaining after losing someone to suicide. Be sure to sign up for our SPECIAL NEWSLETTER being distributed on September 10th, World Suicide Prevention Day to receive SEGMENT #2 Sign up here: Here is what W.H.O. [read more…]

Some platitudes to bench – what NOT to say

Bench those platitudes:  Let’s find a better way! A special interview coming up in our “Compassion In Action” series. Maria Belanic shares: By understanding the flow of grief, others can better understand the turmoil this causes to mothers. Maria shares: • Walking through my own personal journey of heartbreak and devastation when my oldest son [read more…]

Stress and Disease Dr. Gabor Mate

In this day and age when every screen and monitor screams stress – I’m taking the time right now to re-evaluate my own stress levels and how they are showing up in my health. Here is a video of the famous Dr. Gabor Mate sharing on this.  I’m learning new points as well as some [read more…]

Are you Grief Illiterate?

Are you Grief Illiterate? I was listening to a podcast and this statement stood out, “Our society is Grief Illiterate.  They freeze when confronted with someone who is grieving.  For fear that they’ll do the wrong thing, many do nothing at all.” Then everyone feels badly.  At least that was me. I personally desire a [read more…]

Here’s my Christmas List – what matters most

This week the ‘news’ is telling us to BEGIN our Christmas shopping because many sectors are anticipating delays.  Supply chain delays.  I guess I should have guessed it.  My friend is still waiting for her new stove after 7 months of delay.  Lot of sectors being affected. I like buying early and being prepared – [read more…]

If you could speak to your younger self?

If only I knew THEN what I know NOW – wow, a powerful, often used phrase. But so many don’t comprehend it, at least not until they’re in the thick of it. The one looking in the mirror,  used to be the caregiver, but now she is at the receiving end. And how is that [read more…]

How’s your Dopamine Level?

Why Learning can be a RUSH for some! It’s a Neurotransmitter thing, as discussed in this Science of Nerdiness article Here’s some nuggets.  How active is your nerdy dopamine pathway? Check out these statements and if they describe you, dopamine might well be flowing strongly to your prefrontal cortex: I love spending time reflecting on [read more…]

Brain and Body Foundation Aiding Children’s Lives

I’ve just had the wonderful opportunity during a video conference to hear from Dr. David Dayo Ajibade. Dr. Ajibade is the medical director and founder of Brain and Body Solutions, Ltd., an integrated health center. He is also the Executive Director of Brain and Body Foundation (BBF), an organization focused on educating the Nigerian public [read more…]

Tools to help with Zoom Exhaustion

So much information coming at you, in so many different ways, by so many new channels.  No wonder you’re feeling exhausted!  When your body is shutting down, it’s pretty hard to allow new stuff in. How to cope and how to make sense of it all? Today I was forwarded an article called, ‘ The [read more…]

#3 plus #4 Finale of Boosting Your Antivirals Education Series

Educational Series #3 and #4 Finale of Boosting Your Antivirals  (Special Invite at the bottom) Back to Basics:  Maybe we should ask: ‘What is a Virus?’ Let’s not assume that everyone knows what it really is. A virus is a small infectious agent that can only replicate inside the living cells of other organisms. Viruses can infect all types of life forms. humans, animals, plants and microorganisms, including bacteria. They’re found [read more…]

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