ACTIVE Aging Week – Tips how ACTIVE people do

Folks,  here is a presentation on video, sharing WHAT you can DO – if you want to stay active – or wanna get active – and resolve some pain issues at the same time. Be sure to ask us for the flyers and newsletters we featured in the presentation. Nike has a slogan, “Just Do [read more…]

Shoulders, Hips and a whole lot more

When I first met the next lady I’m interviewing,  she was brought to me by her sister (not quite hog tied).  Sharon had been admitted to the hospital for one surgery that quickly escalated to three and her sister Sandy felt she was ready to learn about natural health alternatives and drove her to meet [read more…]

Tenacious Tanaiya

My interview with a grateful Grandma. By our standards we would think 3 year old Tanaiya to be way too young to experience such adversity. This little girl was born with no hips.  Her femurs (thigh bones) were on the outside of her iliac crest (pelvic bone saddle). That means she couldn’t and didn’t crawl [read more…]

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